The sun-drenched yellow spectrum of archaic amber treasures lends its name to the trend topic. Rarities and curiosities of bygone ages such as knights armor, copperplate or precious tomes provide the ideas that are reinterpreted as sparkling elements. AMBER TREASURIES satisfies the longing for the past without appearing antiquated. The color range oscillates between amber tones from honey yellow to dark brown, refined orange, gold and saturated red wine colors of ruby red to dark violet. Valuable textiles such as velvet, silk and damask, refined using embroidered blossoms or jacquard patterns and honey-yellow gemstones and warm yellow gold in the jewelry sector enhance the beauty of the colors. In interior design, gold mosaics and embossed gold leather wallpaper play an important role. Reptile and shining metallic or elaborately pleated leather are luxurious highlights in the fashion and accessory segments.


Art 7

Amber Absolute

Atelier Zobel

Michael Weggenmann

Binek & Wosik

Hagen Gamisch

Katharina Vanselow

A S Creation

Ingo Henn


Doris Gassman

Atelier Munsteiner

Jacek Ostrowski

Susanna Loew

Jurgen Schneider