2007 Complex Individualism

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True, predicting the color of fashion is not an exact science like meteorology. But since the mid-1970s, professional color forecasters have been able to tell us — in subtle detail — what colors will predominate in fashion, home design, and consumer products up to two years in advance by studying current trends and probing our collective psyches.

2007 Complex Individualism
Signity predicts that black gems will shed their colorless accents for a more interesting colorful look. Signity's Nepal ring designed by Robert Schwaiger

What they predict for fashion in 2007 is a continuation, and deepening, of trends that took hold post-September 11: urbane sophistication, concern about nature and conservation, a desire for personal expression, and a quest for tranquility. In terms of color, we'll be seeing a predominance of soft shades of pastels, beiges, and browns; rich reds, purples, and blues; and exotic new color combinations. Most forecasters agree that gemstone jewelry will provide much of the color relief in a largely monochromatic landscape, as wearers stack, layer, and combine jewelry to stand out from the crowd.

A black onyx and coated topaz ring designed by Lawrence Huddon for Bastian GmbH & Co. Photos courtesy Signity.

"Jewelry — this is where the attitude comes in. It's not about one color," says Britt Bivens of Promostyl. "Accessories are very important. A lot of people I know dress with accessories in mind, not as an afterthought."

Browns, white, and pastels will dominate in 2007. Pictured are Ninetto Terzano's Oversized Ring collection.

Search for Tranquility

After an explosion of eye-popping primary and neon color at the turn of the century, fashion has gradually toned down, reflecting a yen for tranquility and calm, say forecasters. That trend will continue in the spring and summer of 2007.

Spain's Carrera y Carrera shows off their yellow-greens in this Peacock ring in chrysoprase and tourmaline.

"We were saturated with color in the beginning of the decade. People are looking for a sense of refreshment — a cleansing, monochromatic effect," says Christine Chow, director of membership for the Color Association of the United States, "We're not looking at juvenile colors anymore, the Crayola combinations. Colors are softening. We're looking to nature for colors. They're bright in a soft way, perfect for a higher-end stone."

Darker yellow and oranges tinged with brown are the ticket for 2007, as seen in this ring from Fana.

Fashion color palettes for early 2007 show soft, soothing shades, like pale pinks, dusty mauves, gentle corals, and aquatic blues and greens, says Nicki Gondell of Trend House. Their color palette "Tranquility" illustrates this range.

Blues in particular reflect this spirit of "nice, calm harmony; unity; peacefulness; and calmness," says Bivens. That includes a range of blues, "from pale sky blue to intense blue to nice navy."

by Marlene A. Prost

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Marlene A. Prost

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