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Wax Build-up

With a wax build-up, a jewelry maker can create a casting model around a gem or other object to be included in the piece. Learn this technique here.

Setting Stones in Wax

One of the most revolutionary advances in recent years, apart from laser welding, is the method of setting stones in wax. It has allowed many previously impossible designs andalso allowed the jeweler to forge ahead and create many difficult…

Wax Build-Up Procedures

The Foredom Wax Carver (WC-1) is a new wax worker recently made available to the jewelry industry by The Foredom Electric Company. To demonstrate many of its features, Michael Dickey performs a wax build-up project.

Popular Textural Wax Patterns

Aside from the visual pleasure one derives from a textured surface, the biggest benefit is the ease in finishing the cast piece. No filing, no burs, no abrasive points, and no scratch removal compounds are necessary. Simply use a wire brush…

Wax Build-Up Technique

An English excerpts from the book “Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique” by Minoru Azama, printed in Japanese by Kashiwa Hobby Books. This article will guide you on the process of using the wax build-up techniques to create a ring…

Manufacturing a Free-Form Pendant

This article features the manufacturing steps for a one-of-a-kind free-form pendant designed and created by Barney Jette. The center stone is a one-of-a-kind chrysoprase carving by Steve Walters, Ramona, CA and is highlighted by a cultured…