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Gemological Equipment

Learn about the tools of the trade with our articles on gemological equipment. Microscopes, polariscopes, lighting, and more are covered here.

GemOro Testerossa Tester

This next-generation ultimate tester for diamond fraud protection features enhanced moissanite testing technology for low conductivity stone identification. This innovative Gemoro tester has the sleekest ergonomic shape available…

Presidium Synthetic Diamond Screener

The Synthetic Diamond Screener was developed by Presidium to help screen out Type IIa colorless diamond which is likely to be synthetic and created through chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or high pressure high temperature (HPHT) syntheses…

Hastings 18mm Oval Plain Grip Triplet Loupe

These are high-quality Hastings Triplet Loupes. Hastings lenses are constructed from three lens elements cemented together to form a single lens. The unmatched clarity of these triplet loupes is further enhanced by black outer lens edges…

IIDGR PhosView

This compact self-contained screening device is designed to allow parcels of polished stones to be quickly analyzed to determine if they contain potential HPHT synthetics. PhosView cannot be used to screen for CVD synthetics simulants…

Pocket Digital Gauge

This Compact (pocket) digital gauge measures from 0 to 25mm and 0 to 1″. Millimeter accurate to two decimal points and inch fractions to three decimal points. Stainless steel with high-impact plastic housing. Inside and outside measurements.…

A&D – EK-1200i Scale (Trade Legal)

– Gold and precious stones scales – Multiple weighing units: carat gram troy ounce pennyweight pound ounce grain and tael – Large LCD display (16mm height) with backlight – Control zero mode selection and data output…

A&D – HR-60 Scale (Trade Legal)

– Diamond scale – HR-60 is legal-for-trade class II – Large weighing chamber holds up to a 250mm volumetric flask – Wide angle LCD display – Good Laboratory Practices [GLP] Software – Multifunctional…

Bench Tools for Jewelers

This article lists the following useful bench tools for jewelers including contact information where they can be purchased or ordered. Grobet USA LED Bench Lamp Suitable for use at the bench or on the sales floor, the Grobet USA LED Bench…

Gem Microscope Considerations

This short paper discusses some of the things to think about when considering obtaining a microscope to use for gemology. There is some emphasis on inexpensive options. In putting together my own modest gemmology lab I did a lot of comparison…

Make Your Own Polariscope

Polariscopes are a very useful, simple and inexpensive to make piece of gemological equipment. They are used to tell glass from gem materials synthetic spinel from all other materials, singly refractive from doubly refractive, crystaline…

SpeckFINDER HD Takes Magnification to High-Tech Levels

When a maid steals a $250,000 gold and diamond necklace from a famous rappers hotel room, only to find that those diamonds are actually CZs, it puts the hotel manager in a state of panic. Sure, he feels good about recovering the stolen necklace.…