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Jewelry and Crime

From fake gemstones to armed robbery, jewelry and crime unfortunately come together too often. Watch our videos and learn how this can affect you.

Fads and Fallacies: Fashion

This column is about fashion. I have been writing it for a couple of years now, still with some trepidation. Every time I pick up a new issue of the magazine, I hope to find more on the subject, some repudiation that I alone am enamored with fashion’s…

The Ethics of Materials

I have always thought that if no other lesson had begun to seep through peoples’ inertia and greed, that at least a sense of the fragility of the earth and an obligation to ecologic diversity had begun to be routine. But reality intrudes,…

Calcutta’s gold scavengers

Early in the morning, as Calcutta’s Bowbazar red-light district settles down to sleep, a group of men leave their shanty homes and literally sweep the dusty streets in a never-ending search for gold.