Kana Lomror


Articles and Videos by Kana Lomror:

New Palette for Fine Art Students

The College of Art, which is located in the heart of the capital city of India, is one of the best colleges in India, and offers various courses in Visual Arts e.g. painting, print-making, sculpture, mural, photography, applied art, ceramics…

Enamelist Society of India Exhibition

Since the inception of The Enamelist Society of India, in December 1999, we have been working towards the resurgence of enameling in India! About 50 workshops have been conducted, and there are over 70 members of the Society. So we…

Large Scale Enameling at JSW Studio

After a long break we have restarted the JSW Enamel Studio, Vashind, Mumbai. A major effort was made in October 2004 to set up this facility for large scale enamel on steel with the combined efforts of Ms. Sangita Jindal…