Holly Gage


Articles and Videos by Holly Gage:

Liver of Sulfur 101

Liver of sulfur, a stinky jewelry studio standby, can be used to create beautiful patinas on Silver, Silver Precious Metal Clay or Art Clay.

Coloring Titanium Sculptures with a Torch

Adding or changing the color on your sculpture Titanium can breathe new life or change the character of a piece. It is also lots of fun to see the color develop and change in front of your very eyes! The color on the surface of our titanium has a permanent oxide layer that can only be removed with abrasives. The color was originally produced with heat. It starts out silver, then gold, blue, purple, magenta, bronze, green, pink and finally gray. Subtle colors also appear and depending on the natural surface finish you may get different effects. I am always surprised when I find a new shade of blue or pink or a satin luster when I expected a metallic luster.

From Titanium to a Fine Piece of Artisan Jewelry

Making prong settings for items that can not be fired in place. I would like to take you on an exploratory trip by incorporating Titanium into a piece of fine artisan jewelry that is beautiful on the front, and just as interesting on the back. Because Titanium is a unique material to work with, (and no two pieces are alike), I will discuss the method to my madness when working with it, and hopefully through this journey, you will develop ideas and methodology that will inspire you to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry..