White Magic

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It is half a century ago that the first South Sea pearl farm was founded in Northern Australia. And the South Sea Pearl Consortium has certainly made sure that this anniversary was celebrated with a fantastic exhibition in honor of these exquisite white beauties from the deep blue sea.

White Magic
Tiered necklace with matching earrings, South Sea pearls, faceted morganite, aquamarine, shell quills. Design and jewelry by Coleman Douglas Pearls
Brooch that can also be worn on a velvet choker as a necklace, 18 karat pink gold, platinum, South Sea Pearl. Design and jewelry by Christian Tse
Design and jewelry by Lily Lam

2005 marked the 50th anniversary of the first South Sea pearl farm established at Kuri Bay - one of the most remote parts of the Kimberley coast in Northern Australia. To celebrate this unique anniversary which highlights the successful collaboration between man and nature, the South Sea Pearl Consortium organized a truly magical collection named "White Magic", featuring the breathtaking ideas by seventeen internationally renowned designers centering on these precious, white South Sea pearls.

Corsage brooch, yellow sapphire, round diamonds, Australian gem pearls, frosted crystal, platinum, 18 karat white gold. Design and jewelry by Ellagem
Starfish clasp, 18 karat yellow gold, 15 mm round center pearl, 404 diamonds. Design and jewelry by Jürgen Kammler

For many years it appeared impossible in pearl culturing to achieve even an approximation of the excellent quality offered by natural South Sea pearls. Thanks to dedicated pearl culturing companies, what had once appeared a dream is now reality. The natural pearl beds of Australia have been protected and these precious gems are being cultivated in the pristine marine conditions of these Southern oceans. Founded in 1995, the South Sea Pearl Consortium (SSPC) is a non-profit organization created by Nicholas Paspaley and several like minded people to educate jewelry designers and retailers, as well as the consumer, to the special qualities of the South Sea pearl. The great beauty of South Sea pearls, natural or cultured, comes from their luster or orient. Luster such as this is only possible when the pearl has thick layers of nacre and so is impossible to find without this depth of nacre. This luster comes from deep within the pearl and has a soft, creamy voluptuous intangible appearance that changes mood under different light conditions. The South Sea pearls' rich creamy nacre produces the unequalled luster and makes these pearls so highly sought after.

South Sea pearls, hand-carved mother-of-pearl, Kamagong (ebony), wood. Design and jewelry by Fai Co

The result of the collaboration with the world's greates pearl source and seventeen designers showcases the jewelry style and talent of each of the designers, as their imagination is captivated by the sensuous beauty of these gem quality pearls, generously made available by the Paspaley Pearling Company.






by Christel Trimborn

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