The borders between outside and inside are disappearing increasingly. Urban oasis in the form of roof and facade gardens permit city-dwellers to live a life ‘close to nature’. Outdoor furniture, reminiscent of natural sculptures, atmospheric fireplaces and light installations as well as the presence of a wealth of natural green create spiritual retreats to linger and relax. Natural fibers such as bamboo, pineapple and soy combined with a lot of wood – but also synthetic materials that recreate and duplicate nature – dominate the URBAN OASIS look. The color spectrum ranges from all green nuances in combination with blue and violet, right through to white and exotic splashes such as yellow and orange. Textiles come mainly in elaborate weave techniques and floral designs. Camouflage patterns, batik designs, reptile prints and embossed leather such as crocodile or snake ensure an exotic touch. In the jewelry and watch sector also, color and figurine motifs are found increasingly: gaudy butterflies, lizards and birds are found just as frequently as flowers, blossoms and leaves, stylized or in naturalist forms.

urban oasis

St. Emile

Hilde Janich

Ricarda Enderweit

Eva Steinberg

Ulrike Weyrich

Thomas Knauf

S&B Charms

Ulrike Hamm

Marc Cain



Just Cavalli

Unk Kraus

Monika Seitter

Claudia Rinneberg

Danish Crafts/Pernelle Fagerlund