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The Forum Brand New - New Brand was given life five years ago at inhorgenta europe in Munich, while the Forum Silversmiths was added last year. Located in Design Hall C2, 20 international graduates from 2006 and silversmiths have the opportunity to present their work in a professional environment, to make important business contacts and to gather experience for their continued development.

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"As part of Brand New-New Brand I have the privilege to be among the new designers regarded as the avant-garde of contemporary jewelry. This is an exciting opportunity that will promote personal development, inform my practice and open up my work to new or even unexpected directions, inhorgenta's international exposure and multi-faceted platform for new directions in jewelry will certainly broaden my contacts and stimulate interaction, reflection and fulfillment." Lisa Cerutti

"There is a lot of attention focused on the Forum Brand New - New Brand. It is a point of attraction for gallery owners, producers and museums. I hope I can make contact with international galleries, who on the one hand would purchase my objects and on the other hand may give me an individual exhibition." Tamara Grüner

"As a newcomer to the industry, presentation at the platform Brand New - New Brand is ideal due to the attention that the forum enjoys. The training for trade show marketing that is part of the deal is also a helping hand at the start. I hope therefore it will be easier to make initial contacts with gallery owners, to gain a better impression of the scene and indeed to become part of the scene. It is also an inexpensive way of finding out whether I even enjoy presentations at trade shows." Jette Loeper

"I would like to find out whether taking part in a trade show is the right way for me to gain contacts with customers, or rather how I can present my own collection to a demanding and specialist audience." Katharina Schreck

GZ Art + Design Chief Editor Axel Henselder spoke with the inhorgenta europe project manager Armin Wittmann and the organizer of the Design Podium and the Start Up Platform Brand New, New Brand, Barbara Schmidt.

Art + Design: What is the task of the Forum Brand New - New Brand at the inhorgenta?

Armin Wittmann: Talented and dedicated young designers are also essential in the jewelry industry. In addition to other forums and exhibitions in Hall C2, Brand New - New Brand is an important mosaic piece in promoting young talent at the inhorgenta europe. In Brand New - New Brand, we offer an international platform for young, creative start ups. The basic idea is that the graduates of one year are offered a kick start into the professional world. The trade fair gives the candidates favorable starting rates and professional trade show training as a full service package. This means that each year in Munich, creative jewelry design talents can present their work to a large, international market without having to break the bank financially.

"I am taking part in the forum to make new contacts. It is important for me to experience how people receive my jewelry." Christine Heusser

"The presentation platform Brand New - New Brand gives me the opportunity to publish my work before a specialist audience, to communicate my concept and to network important contacts." Jasmin Winter

"I see participation in Brand New - New Brand primarily as an opportunity to present to a broader public some pieces from my diploma work on the topic 'At the Moment'. On the other hand, there is also the opportunity to present the jewelry concepts I have developed." Tanja Friedrichs

Art + Design: How has the forum developed over the five years?

Armin Wittmann: Both sides draw benefit from the complete concept Brand New - New Brand. In addition to the aforementioned, favorable terms and promotion, the participants in the forum get a feel for whether their ideas are welcomed with interest on the market and whether they will be profitable. A significant proportion of our roughly 30,000 specialist visitors will pass by the booths and will provide direct feedback. The trade show in turn benefits from this form of variety of ideas and innovative concepts, which contribute to new impetus and impulses for the specialist retailers in Europe and the entire industry. Naturally also, the promoted, young exhibitors can become established jewelry producers and professional business partners.

Barbara Schmidt: There are former Brand New exhibitors of the first generation who have exhibited successfully for years, for example Claudia Hoppe, Nicole Walger or Ariane Hartmann. On average, around 40 percent of the Brand New - New Brand exhibitors return in the next year. Joint booths often form, becoming more established or changing over the course of time. It is fair to say without exaggeration that the Brand New - New Brand booth has become part of the compulsory program for visitors. It is certainly among the most visited in Hall C2. This is where the scene's trend scouts gather along with journalists and gallery owners looking for new jewelry designers for their ranges.

Art + Design: What preconditions must participants satisfy?

Barbara Schmidt: The trade show writes to over 70 schools and universities in Europe, asking for responses from the graduates of a certain year. The first 20 responses are admitted and invited to the trade show training. Sometimes someone cancels and the next persons in the waiting list are included instead. This method of selection has proven effective, as it has shown that those people who, after the stress of their diploma, are still able to make a strategic decision for their future offer the potential to be successfully self-employed.

Art + Design: How are the participants supported in networking contacts to potential customers?

Armin Wittmann: At the start of each November, the exhibitors at the forum are invited to Munich for a one-day, free training. This deals with topics such as self positioning, target groups, trade show marketing, sealing deals after the show and organizing press liaisons in an intensive fashion. Practically all participants give us an extremely positive feedback. For most of them, the training is the foundation for having professional standing at the inhorgenta and to be taken seriously as business partners.

Art + Design: The Forum Silversmiths has existed since last year. What were the initial thoughts in this respect?

Barbara Schmidt: Silversmith work is a specialty in the precious meta sector, drawing on significant skill and experience. The clientele is limited, as the high material and labor costs come at a prize. Over the last few years, silversmiths have had fewer opportunities to draw attention to their services and products and even to kick up some interest about this range of products.

Armin Wittmann: Given the exhibition space in Design Hall C2, right next to the Silver Summer Gallery, we offer the silversmiths an ideal location. Based in a very concentrated space, specialist visitors have the opportunity to gain a good overview of the silversmith scene. There's also the option of eating with silver cutlery - a particularly sensual experience. With the Forum for Silversmiths, the Honorary Prize for Silver Equipment and the Silver Summer Gallery, we offer an exhibition space for the field of silver equipment that is unique in Europe. In 2006, 16 high class silversmiths from throughout Europe made use of the offer. We look forward to an extended spectrum of exhibitors in the coming years.


Barbara Schmidt and Armin Wittmann

"By participating in Brand New - New Brand, I hope to receive feedback on my pieces and above all to make contacts." Ermelinda Magro

"I believe it is a great opportunity to present my jewelry to a broad and also specialist and international audience,; I look forward to the response and making contact with jewelry designers and gallery owners." Leslie Potz

As part of the inhorgenta Forum Brand New - New Brand, I hope to engage in communicative discourse with jewelry designers, gallery owners and companies. In view of the fact that I only recently completed my studies as jewelry designer, I do not want to present a collection, but instead the design strengths of my jewelry ideas." Frauke Grundmann

"It's a great opportunity for young creators." Jiahui Peng


Art + Design: Thank you for the interesting interview.

by Axel Henselder

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