Terry Gay Puckett: Retrospective Exhibition

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Editor's Note: Terry's Retrospective Exhibition had more than 30 enamels. The Retrospective Catalog has 26 pages with 31 illustrations. There are 14 enamels depicted (some of the enamels are as large as 17 x 14 inches). The enamels are on copper and steel. Other media represented in the catalog include watercolors, acrylics, collage, and mixed media. Terry has been enameling for 40 years.

Terry Gay Puckett: 2009 Artist of the Year

San Antonio Art League & Museum

Each year the San Antonio Art League and Museum (SAAL&M) gives this prestigious award to an artist of acclaim and accomplishment. It is an honor to present this award to Terry Gay Puckett for 2009. She works in various media and all are exceptional.

Terry Gay Puckett: Retrospective Exhibition

Terry Gay has been a long time member of SAAL&M and has exhibited often in our artist exhibitions. She also served as chairperson on many of SAAI&M's committees. As a teacher, she has inspired many young artists and still does this today.

- Excerpted from President's Message
SAAL&M President, Clarence Fey

Introduction by Dr. Emilio Caballero

I am pleased to write on behalf of Terry's being accorded by the illustrious San Antonio Art League and Museum the honor of "The 63rd Artist of the Year, 2009."

Throughout these many years I have followed with delight Terry's creative depth of mind and heart. I continue to be impressed by the wide range of her artistic spirit, and as in a poem, all blooms brighdy.

Running, Flying, Falling Dram, enamel on copper, 20x24 inches, 1994
Running, Flying, Falling Dream, Enamel on Copper, 20 x 24 inches, 1994

It is written that "In all art, character is the embodiment and the articulation of each and every artist ancient description matches Terry's aesthetic, expressive character.

image_3 (31)
Balancing the Energy, Enamel on Copper, 12 x 22 inches, 2008

There are exciting interludes when Terry guides line and brush in comedic satire, revealing the gl"tirg vicissitudes of life and living, causing her audience to smile assent. Other times, I have been witness to her talents when her brush reveals a depth of observation, compared to clouds sailing in heaven's glory, and the flowing fountain of inspiration, immortalizing the presence of things not seen, but what she feels, thinks and perceives of life's secrets.

Texas Weather, enamel on copper, 15x30 inches, 1997Texas Weather, 1997
Enamel on Copper
15 x 30 inches

Terry, mi amiga - cantas lo que sientas en su corazon. (Sing what you feel in your heart.)

Artist's Statement

Many thanks to the San Antonio Art League and Museum for choosing me as Artist of the Year 2009, providing the opportunity to place work from 1962 through 2009 into perspective. It is an honor to be the 63rd person on this list of enormously talented artists.

Texas Weather, enamel on copper, 15x30 inches, 1997Texas Weather, 1997
Enamel on Copper
15 x 30 inches

As a seeker and a dreamer, the art muse has always been a close friend of mine. Art has been my passion since childhood. Following my heart, it became a career.

The process of creating art anchors my life, and provides an incentive to live in the moment. First, an idea takes hold and digs roots into the imagination. Next, I choose the medium that best suits the project. Currently, I am working in vitreous enamel, watercolor, collage and acrylic, often mixing media. Emotions blend with technique to create a finished piece.

Texas Weather, enamel on copper, 15x30 inches, 1997Texas Weather, 1997
Enamel on Copper
15 x 30 inches

My work is fueled by indefatigable curiosity, spirituality, meditation, and travel. It is a pleasure to interact and share these visions with others who are also the willing captives of the art muse.

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