The Tanphanie Edition from German-Japanese pearl dealers Perlen Yukie is much more than just a jewelry collection. Each individual piece of jewelry is a unique work of art and offers unforeseen ways of wearing the items.


Exceptional and enormously versatile: the Tanphanie Edition necklaces, which emphasize and strengthen the uniqueness and character of each individual pearl, form part of the ‘PY original Design & Work’ range

The design options offered by the Tanphanie pieces are virtually endless; the fantasy and creativity of the retailer and wearer know no bounds. The luxurious nature of the pearls used is responsible for the uniqueness of the necklaces. Irregularly formed pearls alternate with perfectly rounded pearls, interspersed with decorative jewelry features with polished and matt surfaces which exude progressive design and bold sophistication. Tanphanie, designed by Stephanie Henzler and Tanja Mertens and presented in collaboration with Carador Goldsmiths, forms a balancing act between feminine grace and technical detail.

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The high quality necklaces included in the Tanphanie edition (the current collections being the ‘art of elements’ and ‘pearl catcher’) are made of silver, gold and platinum and can also be purchased as individual items of jewelry. Also available are small series and unique pieces with elements already incorporated into them. With Tanphanie, buyers can create their own jewelry creations and retailers can devise their own individual collections. Tanphanie can also be used to ‘upgrade’ gemstone necklaces.

The enormous range of items included in the Tanphanie Edition enables buyers to express their different personalities and styles. From the classic elegant woman to the femme fatal, with Tanphanie every woman can display her exquisite taste and unique femininity.