Increasing numbers of jewelry designers and watch manufacturers have recognized that they can score points with customers using extravagant design and the establishment of a brand name. In this context, both concepts go hand in hand, as no label will assert itself without good design. Beyond the mainstream, the inhorgenta 2007 will see numerous exhibitors with an interesting selection of discerning designer goods. The small selection of exhibitors presented hereafter is intended to demonstrate as examples that it is well worth visiting Munich. The industrial manufacturers and producers once more have countless innovations on show.

Success Factor Design

Only the finest New Zealand jade is used in the pieces by Mountain Jade

The spirit of jade

In New Zealand, lade holds particular importance for the Maoris, as their legends tell that the jade assumes the ‘spirit’ of the person wearing it. This is why pieces of jade are passed on from generation to generation, thus keeping the spirits of the forefathers alive. Mountain Jade is a company based in New Zealand, specialized in designing and producing elaborate and choice items of jewelry and carvings made of precious lade Mountain Jade teases the best sides out of this magnificent stone. At the inhorgenta 2007, the company will present a series of designer pieces by the two leading, New Zealand-based jewelry designers John Sheehan Jr and Elf Spiewack. John Sheehan Jr. is young, creative and grew up with this unique gemstone He experiments with the endless options offered by jade, thus creating a style that combines his New Zealand heritage with state of the art, contemporary forms. Elfi Spiewack is an experienced German designer who now lives in New Zealand.

Like a drop of water in the sunlight

The uniquely set aquamarine ball in the necklace appears like a miracle of nature, drawing reminiscences of pure drops of dew in the early morning’s twilight. Onlookers are also fascinated by the silky draping of the platinum cords that nestle gently against the woman’s necklace. In the Platinum Forum, Atelier Kubik will exhibit selected items of platinum and gold jewelry and also a large collection of internally produced silky cords made of platinum. The watch line by Kubik has a clear, purist signature.

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Watch line from the Atelier Kubik

Necklace by Kubik made of 23 karat platinum with aquamarine ball and diamonds

Twin by Quinn: ring set made of stainless steel with brilliants

Design for love

Just in time for spring, the premium edition of the Twin by Quinn series is being launched. The discerning steel collection is entirely dominated by the idea of love. The extravagant design and the technically high quality implementation are particularly appealing to demanding jewelry customers. The exclusive steel rings are optionally available pure or refined with brilliants and gold.

Emotional High-Tech Design

The young jewelry and watch manufactory TeNo has, over the course of the past years, developed from being a pioneer in the field of stainless steel jewelry to become an inimitable design brand.

TeNo DiViNa necklace, freshwater cultured pearls with stainless steel cords sheathed in Indian rubber

TeNo ShiKou de luxx, Indian rubber bracelet with top-wesselton diamonds in pave style set in stainless steel

TeNo de luxx ring set made of stainless steel with diamonds

TeNo DyKon bracelet made of woven leather and stainless steel with a silver element

The idea is to create jewelry using high-tech materials such as stainless steel, Indian rubber and ceramics, drawing on state of the art CNC machines in connection with traditional craftsmanship TeNo calls this process emotionalized technology. The watches and the items of jewelry are characterized by clear forms such as squares, circles or rectangles and geometrically arranged elements. TeNo has always placed great importance on establishing a collection with a largely unisex appeal. The same language of forms is found in the purist and also in the diamond-encrusted jewelry and watches. In this way, TeNo appeals to men and women in equal measure.

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The material stainless steel is always the basis for the models. The use of gold elements and diamonds means that the jewelry is also given a certain whisper of glamour. Indian rubber, ceramics, wood, mother of pearl and pearls are also included.

A typical feature of TeNo is the “three square design”, which has risen to become a trademark. An additional element that has become intrinsically linked with TeNo is the lead collection ShiKou. Consisting of bracelets, cufflinks and pendants, stainless steel elements are interspersed with nestling Indian rubber.

Continual development of the products and the TeNo marketing activities have transformed the leading stainless steel jewelry and watch manufacturer into a strong, globally renowned design brand.

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Inesa Paul® – A feel for trends

Innopoint has a fine feeling for trends and keen sense of people who love all that is special. Since the company was founded in 1998, Innopoint has remained faithful to its ideals: Only extraordinary design and the use of the highest quality materials guarantee the creation of fascinating items of jewelry. At Inesa Paul® also, a new label at Innopoint, this corporate philosophy is consistently upheld. The exclusive creations are produced on the basis of the highest quality standards using stainless steel, pearls and diamonds. One highlight at Innopoint shows interchangeable clasps in a ball, cylinder, cuboid or olive form, with or without brilliants, South Sea pearls in cream, white or grey – with interchangeable system -, which, as the central elements of different necklaces, become the unmistakable eye catcher. The flexibility and creativity of the woman wearing the jewelry know practically no bounds. Interchangeable clasps – a trend that suits the requirements of modern life, while still retaining a focus on values such as quality and uniqueness.

Unique clasp design is the strength of Innopoint

Model “Lightmare” by Time One

Binary Watch for Clever Clogs

The One is a young watch brand that stands for the unusual, for a fresh philosophy, design and ultra-modern technology. It has succeeded across the board with this in the Binary Watch. Clever clogs learn quickly how to read the time fluently on the models Odin’s Rage and Lightmare. At the press of a button, LEDs light up in shining red. The inner, larger circle displays the hours, while the outer, smaller circle shows the minutes in stages of five, and the four square LEDs in the middle tell the minutes in units of one.