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The trend toward white metals in luxury design is enjoying worldwide success. Post-industrial, postmodern, and post-informal: one of the principal themes today is stainless steel as material for jewelry.

"SiRoN" rings, stainless steel with brilliant-cut diamonds, by TeNo
"Luminosa" ring, stainless steel and small blue crystals, by The Swatch Group

Its great potential discovered many years ago by pioneers like Carl-F. Dau, this everyday technical material is now being used on a grand scale. For a long time, the aesthetic aspects of stainless steel were reserved for factories, architecture, or practical items for the office, leisure time, or the household. Until makers of luxury watches, and then jewelry designers, began to see entirely new aspects of this material beyond its industrial image.

Two pendants and a ring from the current Quinn jewelry collection, set with brilliant-cut diamonds of quality; the pendant pictured on the left, with 18 carat yellow gold inset, by Quinn Scheurie
"VeeNa" pendant, stainless steel with brilliant-cut diamonds; rope necklace by TeNo

Steel jewelry seems not only cool, but also surprisingly valuable. Its perfectly refined surface starts where other materials leave off Profound and with a dark gleam, substantial and noble, the impression left by steel is never a superficial one. Because nickel, which can trigger allergies, is no longer used in the manufacture of steel for jewelry purposes, there are no longer any reservations about stainless steel jewelry. The design and technical possibilities of this metal are being explored and extended to include even pieces containing brilliant-cut diamonds or colored gemstones - ideas which hardly anyone earlier would have thought of. This is precisely why steel is so alluring to creative jewelry makers.

Stainless steel ring by Upnorm
"Gambolorum" bracelet, stainless steel with multicolored silicon insets, by The Swatch Group

The combination of stainless steel and gold is particularly attractive. The warmth of forged gold - the stuff of ancient myths - meets the material of our age Current stainless steel jewelry is appreciated equally by women and men. Not because it is a "less expensive" substitute for other metals, but because of its own unique radiance.

"CoNo" ladies' watches with brilliant-cut diamonds and rubber wristband, by TeNo
Bracelet, ring and watch from the "Rhombus Collection" for men, by Alfex. All can be modified for ladies' sizes
Ring, stainless steel with brilliant-cut diamond. Pin, stainless steel with Herkimer diamond, cultured Tahitian pearls, and brilliant-cut diamond, by Ochs Edelstahl
Rings by Günter Wermekes, take up the subject "Cylinder." This element is combined with brilliant-cut diamonds of different sizes up to a one-carat solitaire

The design of this metal calls for its own a language of form, taking its properties and characteristics into account. Stainless steel is unforgiving of improper treatment. A persuasive collection requires experience and ability. Kph

Link bracelet from the new series by Mono Schmuckwerke
Less is more. A timeless ring, influenced by current views, by Xen
Cufflinks by Xen
Rings from the Steel Collection by Esprit. Egana
Chain and bracelet from the Steel Collection by Esprit. Egana

by GZ Art+Design

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