Far from the attention-grabbing feather jewelry collections and surprising and unique jewelry items, the motto of the new Werner Häring collection is: Precious gold jewelry made in Germany.

Werner Häring

Self-taught, Pforzheim-based Werner Häring has created extravagant jewelry since 1985. Colorful mink pompoms decorate the rings and necklaces in the same-named collection, and the impressive jewelry items made of white or black feathers in combination with pearls, gemstones, leather or coral are certain eye catchers of the highest standards. Right from the start of his career, it has been Werner Häring’s motto to avoid taking himself or his jewelry all too seriously. For many years now, innovative jewelry design and unusual material combinations have been the trademark of the qualified book printer and enthusiastic jewelry designer. His new collection is slightly less wild than in the years before, but no less innovative. The collection is mainly characterized by precious materials and high-quality craftsmanship made in Germany. Red, white and yellow gold in combination with brilliants are the materials used to create the current rings and earrings. In addition to the “Häring Design”, which is now an established classic, Werner Häring has now produced an extended gold and platinum line, whose models are worked with brilliants or colored gemstones. Drawing on modern CAD techniques, the platinum jewelry can be created hollow, thus making them affordable for younger jewelry enthusiasts also. The cheeky contrast between traditional and trendy materials and the play between consciously fashionable and then again timeless design elements are the particular attractions of Werner Häring’s work. Fancy an example? The materials in the ring with the tragic-comical name “Good-Bye” are precious, but the form is bold: the heart broken in two in the middle may symbolize the end of a relationship, but the platinum ring, encrusted with brilliants, can also simply be worn as an amusing item of jewelry.