Sartorius AG: No Limits on Perfection

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New gold and carat scales for stationary and mobile use - working with precious metals and high-carat gemstones calls for extraordinary precision of both measurement and weighing technologies. The new series of gold and carat scales from Sartorius AG is perfect for use in commerce, jewelry stores, goldsmiths' workshops and in training environments.

Sartorius AG
Direct operation

The new "Nice Price" series from Sartorius offers the latest models of compact gold and carat scales. All scales in this series have a precision weighing system, rugged and ergonomic housing design and stainless steel weighing pan for lasting reliability and accurate measurement. The well-designed and intuitive operating features support all weighing routines. Goldsmiths can work with assurance in any situation thanks to the protective overlay on the keypad. Positive click action provides tactile feedback when keys are pressed, for added confidence when working with large numbers of samples. The display features optimum legibility, so measurement data can be read quickly and clearly under any lighting conditions. Moreover, the stabilization times of these scales are so fast that results are displayed nearly instantly. These gold and carat scales offer readabilities of 1 mct (0.2 mg) to 0.1 g.

The gold takes up minimal space

With the advantages of a compact housing and light instrument weight, these scales are ideal for portable use. The new models are optionally available with an external rechargeable battery pack, and can also be operated with non-rechargeable batteries. A built-in circuit automatically activates the scale's power-saving mode after 2 minutes of non-use to conserve energy. As a result, this mode extends battery life.

The range of accessories includes a remote display for use in shops

All models are available with application programs as standard features to simplify routine work steps. For example, every gold and carat scale has a program for counting small parts. Also, the weight readout can be toggled between any two of the 16 most common weight units used around the world in the jewelry industry.

Gemstones can be checked in a range from 0.001 ct to 1600 ct

A bidirectional RS-232C interface is also included as a standard feature, at no additional cost. This interface can be used to transfer measurement results to a computer or printer. Alternatively, a remote display can be connected to the interface; for example, for use in a shop.

by Susanne Heuer

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Susanne Heuer

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