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There are several organizations in Germany targeted at spreading and promoting contemporary jewelry design. They organize exhibitions and trade fair participation, master classes, symposia and competitions and also publish association newsletters and jewelry catalogues. Depending on the membership, the services also include legal consulting and advice in commercial matters. Simple queries do not require any membership, and the range of services is wide.

promoting contemporary jewelry

Special show "Form 2005" at the trade fair Tendence Lifestyle, Frankfurt/Germany and exhibition of the prize-winning products in the competition Form 2005, organized by Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk e.V. among all exhibitors at Tendence Lifestyle

BK Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk - Berufsverband Handwerk Kunst Design e.V.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Federal Crafts Association is a private sector organization and currently consists of eleven regional associations. Direct, individual membership in the federal association is also possible. It offers a far-reaching network and helps discover new sales channels. In addition to cooperation with museums, galleries and education institutions, the BK sees itself as a lobby group for its members in dealings with associations and organizations operating on an international level. The members' newspaper BK Report is published on a quarterly basis, while the newsletter is released every three weeks.

The BK is a member of the World Crafts Council (WCC) on a European and international level. The BK is also involved in the German Crafts Council and in the Central Association of German Crafts. At the moment, the BK represents the interests of roughly 1,400 craftsmen and women, designers and freelance artists, organized in eleven regional associations. The elected, specialist jury in the respective regional associations decides on the inclusion in a regional association and therefore in the BK on the basis of submitted work. The jury in the federal association rules on the acceptance of individual members. Members from abroad are welcome. Each member has the opportunity to present their work on the website.

Information: Ms. Christina Beyer, phone: +49 (0)69/74 02 31

German Goldsmith House, Hanau - headquarters of Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V.

Forum für Schmuck und Design e.V.
Cologne/Bonn, Germany

The Forum for Jewelry and Design was founded in 1984 and now has 330 members, including personalities and institutions within the jewelry scene and also students and jewelry enthusiasts. The Forum for Jewelry and Design has set its sights on promoting artistic development and to help contemporary jewelry design generate greater attention and appreciation. The forum regularly presents current trends in jewelry design in exhibitions, events and publications.

In 1994, the forum created the jewelry symposium "Ars Ornata Europeana"; since then it was first held every year, and since 2001 every second year in a different country.

Information: Ms. Anke Schirmer, phone: +49 (0)228/242 13 93

Forum für Schmuck und Design e.V.:

Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V.
Hanau, Germany

The Society of Goldsmith Art is an international association; the current 460 members are made up of gold and silversmiths, jewelry designers, gallery owners, academics, jewelers, museums and education centers. The society's primary tasks include promoting contemporary jewelry and appliances in competitions, exhibitions, prizes and awards such as the Friedrich Becker Prize, the Ruth Reisert-Hafner Scholarship, the Young Designers Prize for Jewelry and Appliances and the Golden Honorary Ring. The members are informed regularly about exhibitions, workshops and literature on gold and silversmith art and can also obtain expert information and advice.

Information: Dr. Christianne Weber-Stober, phone: +49 (0) 6181/25 65 56

Michael Rowe (right) awards the honorary ring he produced to Peter Skubic. 18 karat yellow gold on a base
Castle Jägerhof, Goethe Museum, Düsseldorf. This year's award of the Friedrich Becker Prize by Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V., sponsored by Hildegard Becker

Chambers of handicrafts, trade guilds, regional associations and the "Zentralverband der Deutschen Goldschmiede, Silberschmiede und Juweliere e.V."

In Germany, the state has charged the chambers of handicrafts to look after the crafts firms and the crafts education. In view of the fact that the chambers of handicrafts are responsible for all 91 registered crafts, they delegate the education to the gold and silversmith guilds, as their members are all gold and silversmiths. All firms that, in terms of percentage, produce more than they trade must be registered in the crafts register; they pay a membership fee and are therefore members of the chamber of handicrafts. In terms of service, the members receive full support, e.g. legal advice and advice in commercial questions.

The guilds represent the interests of the gold and silversmiths. Membership of a guild is voluntary. The guild's umbrella organizations are regional associations and the Zentralverband der Deutschen Goldschmiede, Silberschmiede und Juweliere e.V. The central association's activities are varied; for instance, it organizes the internationally structured competition "Benvenuto Cellini". Until now, the competition has been held in Germany. You can receive information on the competition under However, it is also possible to organize the competition abroad in cooperation with the central association.

The members' associations of the chambers of handicrafts and the Central Association of German Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Jewelers represent roughly 4,530 businesses. The central association is active in four different areas: professional education and further training, surveying, art and culture, commerce and advertising.

Information: Ms. Irene Wanhoff at central association head offices, phone: +49 (0) 6174/234 62

"Gold lounge" in the "Schmuckwelten (Jewelry Worlds) Pforzheim" building, headquarters of the BV Federal Association of Jewelry and Watches and of the DSU

BV Bundesverband Schmuck und Uhren
Pforzheim, Germany

The federal association represents the interests of the jewelry industry in terms of specialist matters and in commercial and sociopolitical affairs. The Exhibitions and Trade Fair Committee in the German Economy (AUMA) within the BV organizes joint stands at trade fairs abroad, for instance in Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Tokyo.

Information: Dr. Alfred Schneider, phone: +49 (0) 7231/33 041

Vereinigung der Bundesverbände des Deutschen Schmuck- und Silberwarengewerbes
Pforzheim, Germany (BV head offices)

The Society of Federal Associations within the German Jewelry and Silverware Industry exerts influence on the contents of the CIBJO regulations "The Diamond Book", "The Pearl Book" and "The Gemstone Book".

Information: Dr. Alfred Schneider, phone: +49 (0) 7231/33 041

"Schmuckwelten Pforzheim" upon opening in June 2005 with fireworks

DSU - Deutsche Schmuck und Uhren GmbH
Pforzheim, Germany

Among other things, DSU provides an information service, e.g. on punching symbols or on import regulations In addition, DSU networks business contacts and has a permanent product exhibition in Pforzheim in the building "Schmuckwelten (Jewelry Worlds)", with approx. 110 companies; it is exchanged every 3 years.

Information: Dr. Alfred Schneider, phone +49 (0) 7231/33 041

Bundesverband der Edelstein- und Diamantindustrie
Idar-Oberstein, Germany

The federal association is the port of call for questions relating to colored gemstones and diamonds and networks corporate contacts.

Information: Mr. Jörg Lindemann, phone: +49 (0) 6781/94 42 40

by Christine Patrich

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