As a goldsmith, how do you increase the number of customers frequenting your business? How can you make more sales and develop customer loyalty? How can a jeweler catch even her or his regular customers off guard with new ideas?

New Ideas

Well, having your own jewelry collection design is what brings you success. But, you have to set the stage right for your precious items. “Beco Technic for lifestyle” features a wide variety of support for goldsmiths and jewelers giving watches and jewelry just the right image for sales. The best example is the programmable watch winders or the exclusive genuine leather jewelry and watch cassettes. Beco also features professional POS materials such as window stickers, posters, displays, prospects for handing out to your customers and advertisement in trade journals to be able to correctly advertise for extensive collections of watch winders, watch collector boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry immersion baths, jewelry and watch cloths, ultrasound instruments for house use, radio alarm clocks. This is how goldsmiths can tap new sources of income with high-quality commodities. All articles can generally be delivered from stock and can also be ordered together with other investment articles or spare parts for day-to-day workspace use.