This is a great modification of pliers to give you a tool that mimics the shape of your thumb and forefinger meeting, but can get into places where your fingers are too large to go.

How to Modify Plier Tools

Start with a pair of round nose pliers, and make certain that the jaws are not parallel-they should meet at the point of the jaws, and light should be visible at the bottom of the jaws when they are closed.
Grind down the tips of the pliers until you’re into thicker metal. Quench the metal frequently to keep from changing the temper of the metal. If you metal starts to discolor, you are waiting too long to quench.
For our example, we’ve removed about 1/4 inch of metal from each tip. Grind one side down first, and then when you have it down sufficiently, you can start on the other jaw.
You may need to close the jaws and grind them both at the same time to make sure they are even.
Once you have both jaws at the desired height, grind them from the sides to round them down to a nice taper.
Your pliers will now be flat on the top. Use a sanding disc to round the tops so they will mimic the shape of the tips of your fingers.

Place the sanding disc between the jaws to give you a flat pad where they meet. There should be a gap that you can see light through at the base of the plier jaws when they are closed, but not at the tips where they meet.