This paper will describe two methods of creating a shield to be used on the end of a Foredom handpiece. The shield will prevent grindings and dust from being slung into the face.

Note: Always wear eye protection when using the handpiece.

These are the items you will need to make one of the shields.

The black item is a film container that has had the end cut off and a notch cut as shown. Leave the original open end of the container alone. A jeweler’s saw can be used to make the cut. The red item is electrician’s tape. Any tape will work. The white item is a piece of mold rubber. Any thick flexible material can be used to replace the rubber.

The rubber or any thick flexible material should be cut so that when wrapped with tape around the handpiece, the film container will fit tightly over the built up assembly. Note that the rubber is mounted on the opposite side of the chuck key notch. The rubber and tape should be placed on the end of the hand piece as shown.
The tape is cut away from the chuck notch.
The film container is slid over the tape and rubber assembly. The fit of the container to the handpiece should be tight. Note that the original opening of the container is the part that is slid onto the hand piece. The inside diameter of the film container is smaller on the bottom end than it is at the original opening.
The amount of material removed from the film container will determine how much of the tool is shielded
Have you ever been friction burned by the chuck key gear while using the handpiece? This is a little trick that should prevent that. Cut the end of a film container off leaving about ¾ inch ring. This ring can be slid onto the tape and rubber assembly. The ring should be mounted so that it covers the chuck key notch. No more friction burns.

A simple way to create a shield for a Foredom handpiece.

Another method of making a shield is very simple but not as durable. The method requires a rubber band and a piece of sheet plastic about 4 inches by 1-¾ inches. The width can vary depending on how much of the tool you wish to shield.
The plastic sheet is wrapped around the hand piece and is held in place by the rubber band. The plastic can be rotated to cover the chuck key notch.
Always wear eye protection when using the handpiece.