Laser Repair: Emerald and Diamond Bracelet

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This article by Steve Satow describes the procedure for repairing an emerald and diamond bracelet using laser technology.

Repairing an emerald and diamond bracelet using laser technology
Top view picture of damaged antique two toned emerald and diamond bracelet.

Repairing an emerald and diamond bracelet using laser technology

image_2Close up bottom view of broken side rail where it attaches to center head area.
image_3Close up top view of broken side rail where it attaches to center head area.
image_4Piece of broken top rail attached to center head is beveled to make a channel to laser full with gold wire. The joint is tacked with laser on bottom.
image_5The entire joint is welded from one side without adding wire, at the bottom of the bevel to achieve full penetration with the weld. The next weld seam will include added wire to start filling the channel. Additional weld joints with wire will be added with the laser until the original thickness of the joint is achieved.
image_6The back of the joint has one layer of weld added because the bevel was cut on the other side of the joint where it had easier access for filling, trimming, and polishing. After the one layer is added the beam is widened and the joint is smoothed out and polished with the laser in the hard to reach area.
image_7Now that the joint is completely filled the outside seam is now smoothed and polished with the laser.
image_8Bottom view of polished joint.
image_9Completed repair. The bracelet is left with slight wear still apparent so not to ruin the antique appeal.
image_10Broken pieces of matching emerald and diamond earring. The broken post shows where the old solder joint failed.
image_11Solder is ground offand a deep "V" is ground on the end to be filled with solid wire during laser welding. With the "V" coming to a point, the seam can be welded with full penetration from one side and can be verifiedvisually.
image_12Old post is tacked in place with the laser. After correct position is verified and any adjustments made the other side of the joint is inspected to verified full laserpenetration. The joint is now welded from both sides assuring full penetration in a solid joint.
image_13Side view of completed joint, after two layers of wire added to each side.
image_14Completed joint smoothed and polished with the laser.
image_15Side view of finished piece, showing correct part alignment.
image_16Top view of finished piece showing correct part alignment.
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Steve Satow is owner of GEM SERVICES & IMAGING and is a graduate of Bowman Tech School Class of 76 and GIA trained. He has 25 years experience in repairs and custom fabrication, wax carving, stone setting, custom tool design & manufacturing. You can reach him at:

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Bradney W. Simon

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