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Good news for the gemstone sector: color is a triumph again - the trend for genuine crystals continues. Ever more expensive jewelry comprising large stones is also in demand.

Jewelry designers have certainly drawn courage from fashion and now decorate their creations generously with valuable crystals. Whereas solitaire stones usually sparkled alone in a piece of jewelry, today imaginative combinations of all crystals are fashionable in rings, necklaces or earrings. Intergem is the leading platform for gemstones worldwide. Here, goldsmiths, jewelry designers and creators come together to stock up on valuable crystals for their creations.

Intergem 2007, the international trade fair for gemstones and gemstone jewelry, will take place from October 5 to 8 in Idar-Oberstein. With an attractive economic situation in Europe and a steady demand for gemstone jewelry worldwide, the signs for growth are good. Last year's 3,100 specialist visitors represented an increase of ten percent on 2005. The number of exhibitors in 2006 increased to 141 - an increase of almost eight percent. Project manager Kai-Uwe Hille predicts a slight increase in the number of specialist visitors this year, in addition to the 145 exhibitors. "The areas are completely full and many exhibitors have reserved bigger stands this year. As such, growth at the old site has reached its limit. Thank goodness Intergem will be receiving a side adequately adapted to this fair for luxury goods next year at the Nahetal industrial estate," says Hille.

At Intergem, visitors can find a uniqe range of raw stones and cut gemstones from more than 50 countries. Small producers also exhibit at Intergem, which enhances the variety of products on offer. Furthermore, a unique body of expertise in processing gemstones and diamonds is located in and around Idar-Oberstein. This acquired knowledge, combined with innovative ideas, creates constant inspiration for new cuts of stone. Germany's expertise in gemology is centered around this region. The leading gemstone and diamond testing laboratories as well as numerous institutions in the sector such as the office of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), the German Diamond and Gemstone Exchange and the University for Gemstone and Jewelry Design are all based in Idar-Oberstein.

The majority of visitors generally come from Germany. The remainder come from 32 different nations including the United Arab Emirates, Iceland, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Japan, India, Madagascar, Mali, New Zealand, Mexico and China. Intergem's international standing has been successfully increased through targeted marketing in the destinations of Frankfurt/Hahn airport, just a few minutes away from the trade fair site. In 2006, Intergem exhibitors reported more visitors from Spain, England and Italy who were making use of this easy connection to visit the trade fair.

The success of the 'ZeitZeichen' exhibition forum continues: this year, ten young designers are presenting their daring ideas, cheeky designs and classical pieces of jewelry which incorporate a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. Their presence at Intergem has been made possible thanks to funding from the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of the Economy. Well-established designers such as the Delicatesse or Edelform groups are also sure to impress with their innovative creations.

The supporting program is varied and ambitious. Again, there will be specialist lectures featuring well-known speakers and corresponding themes during the fair, held in a specially designated area. The 12th Intergem GZ Golfcup will be held at the golfing green of club Edelstein Hunsruck e.V. with spectacular views of the German landscape, providing visitors with a welcome change from their busy trade fair business.

The top place for striking gemstones

Intergem is an important meeting point for creative goldsmiths and jewelry artists from all over the world. GZ Art + Design spoke to Intergem project manager Kai-Uwe Hille about the significance of Intergem on the creative scene.

Intergem 2007 Gemstones

Kai-Uwe Hille

Art + Design: Intergem is renowned for being a top shopping location for quality gemstones. How would you explain this position?

Kai-Uwe Hille: Almost all types, qualifies and sizes of gemstone are available at intergem. Over the centuries, Idar-Oberstein-based films have developed their expertise and their relationships with the countries of origin here. The fair also brings together a huge body of knowledge on the deposits, quality and availability of precious stones. This combination and concentration of expertise and choice is probably unique as trade fairs go.

Art + Design: Why is Intergem worth visiting for creative goldsmiths in particular?

Kai-Uwe Hille: At Intergem, goldsmiths can find striking and rare stones, in addition to the products mentioned above. Unusual and creative cuts of numerous gemstones can also be found here. Goldsmiths can discuss with stone experts what is possible with each stone - what cuts, what shapes, what engravings and much more - as well as discussing processing and finishing issues. Questions relating to re-cutting, setting, drilling and repairing can also be answered here. The gemstone laboratories based in Idar-Oberstein and exhibiting at Intergem are sure to make interesting business partners. Not forgetting the possibility of making direct contact with leading international specialist publications.

Art + Design: Is Intergem also worth visiting for those who only want to purchase small quantities or special items?

Kai-Uwe Hille: Small quantities or large quantities of calibrated goods - it's not a problem. Intergem is the top location for specialists.

Art + Design: What does Intergem offer for the young, creative jewelry design scene in particular?

Kai-Uwe Hille: Firstly, an excellent platform for marketing their own products. Many young up-and-coming jewelry and gemstone designers present their ideas and visions to the international specialist audience here for the first time. Examples include the ZeitZeichen project, the Edelform and Delicatesse groups, Creativum and numerous individual exhibitors. Visitors can also exchange ideas with the vocational colleges and universities, other jewelry designers, gemstone designers and specialists. And Intergem is also a good and cost-effective means of purchasing as nowhere else in the world can you find such a wide selection of gemstones.

Art + Design: Thank you for a fascinating discussion.

Jewelry design from Delicatesse

Delicatesse was founded by a group of jewelry designers in 1997 and has been represented on the international jewelry market since 1998. The group focuses on designing contemporary jewelry, planning joint exhibitions and devising and holding striking presentations. The group members are Claudia Adam, Achim Gersmann, Christina C. Schon and Jorg Stoffel. All have already won numerous design prizes. The four members of the group see jewelry as a luxury product and want to stage it to be so. Jewelry inspires the senses and stimulates the appetite for modern design. It awakens a desire for the special, sophisticated and valuable - jewelry as a delicacy. The collection comprises unique items and small series due to its highest quality design, quality and materials.

Pendant 'lacrima' by Claudia Adam/Delicatesse. Rutile quartz, 18 karat gold

Ring 'Aeria' by Jorg Stoffel/Delicatesse. Rutile quartz, 18 karat gold

Diamond cut sapphires, citrine, tsavorit, sapphire by Groh + Ripp

Peridot, kunzite, tourmaline cabochon bicolor, mandarine garnet, aquamarine by Groh + Ripp

The colors of nature

The entire spectrum of nature's color is found in color gemstones. Time and again, this variety inspires jewelry designers to produce exciting creations. The renowned gemstone cutters Groh + Ripp from Idar-Oberstein have in their range a broad selection of beautiful, individual stones along with calibrated goods from a wide selection of colors. Since 1953, the company has been a competent partner for all gemstone processors and individually fulfills all customer wishes, starting with fine manual work through to series production using machines. A lot of focus is placed on excellent quality. Groh + Ripp supplies leading gold, watch and dial producers such as jewelers, designers and goldsmith studios all over the world. The family business maintains a constant warehouse of cut standard sizes and also fine, individual stones and sets. In total, Groh + Ripp has over 70 different kinds of stones on offer.

The comeback of the classics

The company name Karl Faller is recognized as being the incarnation of perfect craftsmanship in the most genuine colored stones. The enterprise is characterized by its tradition, creativity, art and expertise. The rubies of company Karl Faller, vibrant and full of energy, highlight the vital color of red in its different shades and special nuances. The most desirable is the so-called 'pigeon-blood-red' color, a deep and pure red with a touch of blue. Blue, the color of the life source of water, is the most popular version of sapphire. Ranging from a tender sky-blue and the highly sought-after radiant 'cornflower-blue' to a precious deep Kashmir blue, the sapphires are very impressive. As diverse and lively as the flora of nature - the emeralds appear in their fascinating shades of green. This color green, however, is so incomparable to nature that this hue is labeled independently as 'emerald green'. The high intensive green color and transparency represent the finest qualities. Today in particular, the fine qualities of these three highly desirable jewels determine the fashion trends of major jewelers and continue to form the focus of worldwide consumer interest. Visitors can experience the fascination and magic of these top-quality stones and their perfect cuts at Intergem 2007.

Chains made of Nigerian emeralds, among others

Wild & Petsch are sparkling at the Intergem with green beryl

Karl Faller has specialized in the processing of sapphires, emeralds and rubies

The specialist for special stones

"If people are looking for special stones, they come to us," is what company founder Karl Egon Wild has experienced. Whether high quality, individual stones, calibrated series in top qualities or gemstone ensembles and chains, presented with a lot of feel for detail and in enchanting color combinations, customers will always seek and find the extraordinary at Wild & Petsch. "Our range does not contain all stones. We consciously concentrate on fine, colored stones such as tourmaline, aquamarine and other beryl sorts, peridot, mandarine garnet, tsavorite and tanzanite. However, with regard to these stones, we offer our customers a very deep range - and always promise perfect cutting quality, " is how co-owner Thomas Petsch explains the corporate philosophy of the world famous cutting firm, among the largest in the industry. There are regular shopping trips to countries where these stones are found, such as Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Pakistan or Brazil. "We have reliable informants. If a new deposit is found, we know about it the next day," explains Karl Egon Wild. This ensures that the uncut stone warehouse contains everything in order to satisfy the discerning demands of the customers. Whenever possible, entire sets are purchased so as to be able to offer customers unique stones and gemstone ensembles along with series stones at good value for money. Around the world, Wild & Petsch services jewelry designers, goldsmiths, manufactories and studios, as well as large chains of jewelers. In addition to Germany, the largest markets are the United States, Asia, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Italy and other European countries.

Color is triumphant

Designers from Engel & Co see an ongoing trend for colorful necklaces. Warmer color tones will be in demand this coming autumn and winter. The endless variety of colors in the world of gemstones provides this company, based in Idar-Oberstein, with endless new ideas for their necklaces and clasps. Their items of jewelry are high quality and eccentric. The final character of a necklace is also determined by the choice of clasp, which is playing an increasingly central role in design. Striking, individualized forms are also becoming ever more significant when it comes to gemstone clasps. Coral also plays a part in current trends. This fascinating material from the depths of the sea lends a soft and warm feel to the jewelry. Coral remains a classic material for creating striking shapes. The company Engel & Co. has made its name by creating timeless classic necklaces and providing an exceptional service in the jewelry sector.

Engel & Co. offer timeless, classic gemstone necklaces, for instance with coral

Herbert Furstenberg is specialized on extraordinary cuts

The most beautiful settings for gemstones to match the trend by ITA-Goldwaren

A new interpretation of a classic

Fashion is constantly presenting classics in a new guise. This is how new trends are created. And jewelry design is no exception. This season, for example, trendy and light floral patterns reminiscent of antique jewelry present a current interpretation of classic patterns, as well as a re-discovery of link bracelets in all their forms. Both trends can be seen at Intergem, at the stand of ITA-Goldwaren. This specialist in precious metal jewelry is presenting its latest designs in combinations of 18 karat rose and white gold. There are no limits to design with this jewelry.

Innovative forms and striking cuts

Idar-Oberstein-based company Herbert Furstenburg has been offering top quality gemstone processing for more than 80 years. This family company, now in its fourth generation, meets all customer requirements - from series and small series productions in various cuts and shapes of stone to individual creations, grinding, engraving, emblem engravings, jewelry and decorative objects and mosaics. Jewelry stones are cut according to the exact customer specifications. Ultra-sound boring machines enable the experienced Furstenberg specialists to bore asymmetric notches and holes in the gemstones. "Innovative forms, striking cuts and new materials are a challenge which we are happy to accept," says company manager Thomas Furstenberg-Franzmann of the attitude of his company. At Intergem, Furstenberg is presenting rings made from black zirconoid ceramics, amongst other things. This highly resistant substance is also used in space travel, medicine and technology. The metallic shine of the surface makes this material a welcome replacement for hematite. The polished surface of the ceramics is scratch-proof.

At the Intergem, Lorenz presents excellent rock crystal and citrine creations

The specialist for gemstone design

Marking the Intergem, the company Lorenz Edelsteindesign, based in Idar-Oberstein, is presenting excellent mountain crystal variations with a significant number of attractive inclusion images in addition to a large selection of engraved and cut colored gemstones. Individually engraved pendants made of various gemstones can be combined in any way on gemstone cords and necklaces.

Rare gemstones and beautiful cuts

The firm Hermann Grimm can look back on a long tradition, the roots of which reach back into the 19th century. The company has now been family owned for the 5th generation. The philosophy of the Grimm cutting team is 'the central focus is on the stone'. Time and again, the experts see it as a new challenge to process the individual crystal in the best possible manner. In this way, the stone is intended to reveal its inner values and its beauty, as gifted by nature. The company offers faceted gemstones, cabochons and engravings (coats of arms and monograms, portraits, blossoms and leaves) in the most varied of qualities. At this year's Intergem, the Hermann Grimm stand is above all resplendent with elaborate fantasy cuts, including all colors of quartz. Cuts according to customer commission, for example drawing, are no problem for these well versed cutters. The traditional company from Idar-Oberstein has an extensive stockpile of uncut stones with a large number of rarities such as red and pink tourmaline, whose deposits in Nigeria are largely exhausted. Additionally, at the Intergem, Grimm also has local specialties in its program: volcanite and almond stone. Both of these stones come from the region of Idar-Oberstein.

Volcanite and almond stone from Idar-Oberstein by Hermann Grimm

Choice rarities by Gebruder Kuhn: Uvarovite is green garnet on black mother stone from Russia; Cobalt calcite are the pink crystals on mother stone from Ghana; rutile quartz heart from Brazil

Fire opals from Girasol

Fire opals - joie de vivre and passion

Fire opals stand for joie de vivre, fiery light and love. Their color - radiant orange and luminous red and yellow - make them magical eye-catching pieces. Perfect cutting gives each stone an unrivalled brilliance and increases the value of the jewels. Herborn-based specialist, Girasol, has devoted the last 15 years to fire opals - a passion born from passion. This passion can be catching, as visitors to Girasol's stand will soon find out.

Inspiration for new jewelry ideas

The company Geberuder Kuhn from Morschied has been renowned for its high quality cuts of gemstone for centuries. Its motivated employees apply their long-standing experience and the latest cutting machines to create highly precise and exceptional cuts of stone. The company is also happy to meet individual customer requirements. The range incorporates a very broad spectrum of jewelry stones, synthesis pieces and glass components in all colors. Their comprehensive selection of gemstones and cuts is sure to inspire jewelry designers to come up with lots of new ideas. Kuhn brought numerous unique pieces with him to Intergem including uvarovite, a green garnet stone on a black bedrock found in Russia. Other highlights are a cobalt-calcite, a pink crystal from Ghana and rutile quartz heart from Brazil with a smooth asymmetric cut.

Ring by Atelier Munsteiner. Platinum, Paraiba tourmaline

Tracing the natural characteristics of gemstones

The Munsteiner family from Stipshausen, near Idar-Oberstein, has become internationally renowned for their unique gemstone sculptures. These precious crystals are individually cut in a way that complements their natural form, setting and crystal structures. No two stones are the same. Each cut of stone is the unique result of an intensive examination of the particular characteristics of the stone. Tom Munsteiner brings out the personality of every tone. He manages to stage the unique natural characteristics of each stone to create a work of art. One such example of these distinctive creation from the Munsteiner company is a ring made from 950 platinum with a 14.74 ct Paraiba tourmaline. The special cut gives the gemstone an unrivalled appearance which captivates the observer with its charm.

It's all about opals

When Emil Weis founded his company in 1905 in Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein, the opal trade was an adventure. Deposits had just been discovered in Australia, attracting people from all over the world to the Outback. This small Hunsruck village has become an international centre for processing of all kinds of opals into sophisticated gemstones thanks to the company Emil Weis, amongst others. Emil Weis, now in its fourth generation as a family-run business, has developed to become a much respected global player in the opal business. The founder handed over the reins to his youngest son, Helmut Weis, in 1957 who passed on control of the company to his son-in-law Jurgen Schutz in 1994. He went on to successfully build up the opal business, together with his wife Karin Schutz and brother-in-law Michael Weis. Since 2004 Tanja Schutz, great-granddaughter of the company founder Emil Weis, has also incorporated her lvoe of opals into her job. Jurgen Schutz has been making regular visits to all of the important opal fierlds in the world since 1986 as part of his wide-ranging 'shopping' tours. The company is also involved in opal mining onsite and has several stakes in mines in Australia and Mexico. All kinds of opal are cut with the collection comprising a unique selection of black opals, light opals, opal doublettes and triplets, fire opals, opal chains of all kinds, fine opal engravings, striking and rare collector pieces, opal mussels, opal belemnite and other fossils.

Hauyn, a rare crystal, as beautiful as sapphire, by Constantin WIld

A beautifully cut hauyn by Constantin Wild

The broadest selection of opals is held by Emil Weis from Kirschweiler

Hauyn - a mineral of aristocratic character

"It's such a beautiful sapphire, isn't it?" Constantin Wild frequently encounters such confusion when presenting 'Hauyn'. The mineral is one of a few gemstones found in Germany. This Idar-Oberstein-based gemstone dealer and cutter is the fourth generation manager of the company W. Constantin Wild & Co., founded in 1847, and is presenting a few solitaire stones at 'Intergem' in Idar-Oberstein. This mineral, named after French mineralogist Rene-Just Hauy (1743 to 1822), has been used as a jewelry stone since 1973. Its sapphire blue coloring and transparency quickly transformed it into a much sought-after rarity. The stone is found in Germany at the Lach Lake, close to Wild's hometown of Idar-Oberstein and in the Eifel mountains. Just a few crystals of gemstone quality weigh more than three carats. Wild's 3.23 carat trillant cut solitaire is one of the largest examples. Given that this stone is relatively delicate with a Moh's hardness rating of five to six, Hauyn has to be incorporated into soft metal settings with a laser. Constantin Wild thinks the stone looks best in a necklace: "This brings out the luminous blue, shine and transparency".

Elements for own designer creations

Modern pearl jewelry, depending on its design, radiates a sporty, youthful and fresh or elegant vibe. For more than 30 years, the firm Perlen Yukie from Merzig has been one of Germany's leading pearl companies. This traditional company is an expert in unusual usual pearl jewelry and in providing innovative ideas for goldsmiths. One such example is the 'Tanphanie' jewelry collection. This is a joint project with goldsmith Carador by Stephanie Henzler and Tanja Mertens and the company Perlen Yukie. As part of this range, the pearl specialist is offering different elements of jewelry designed by these two renowned designers. One such example is the 'Pearlcatcher'. There are three series which differ from one another in form and color. Each series comes in eight sizes. The jewelry elements can be purchased either individually or as complete items of jewelry. In the case of the finished items of jewelry, these are small series and unique items which can also be used in necklaces of precious gemstones. The jewelry items are suitable for use by goldsmiths in their own individual collections. Or else finished components can be used to jazz up existing necklaces.

Necklace with the jewelry elements 'Tanphanie' by Perlen Yukie

Ph. Hahn Sohne is a specialist for extraordinary diamond cuts

Unique diamond cuts

For over 120 years, the firm Ph. Hahn Sohne has been dedicated exclusively to the perfect processing of the King of Gemstones and is therefore Germany's oldest diamond cutter. The deeply-rooted company, in family ownership in the fifth generation, understands how to unite innovation and tradition, thus forever being in the position to present new, unique cuts. The program by Ph. Hahn Sohne covers all standard cut forms and sizes. Implementation of the cuts match the highest standards, and graduation is always precise. The world-famous cutting legend Gabi Tolkowsky is among the good friends of the family company, which has been led by Dieter Hahn since 1994. The Idar-Oberstein-based diamond specialist exclusively distributes the 'Gabrielle Cut', made specifically for him by Tolkowsky, and coming with 105 facets - a cut that lends the gemstone a uniquely intense fire.

Fantastic gemstone dreams

The firm Emil Becker from Kirschweiler is known throughout the world for its extraordinary gemstone objects. The creative force and owner of the company is Manfred Wild. In his family, the craft can be traced back to 1630. Together with his wife Ute, he took the reins of the company Emil Becker in Kirschweiler in 1970. Joined by a small group of masterful gemstone cutters, engravers, goldsmiths and enamel experts, this is where elaborate creations in gemstone, gold and other precious material are created. With his 'objets d'art', Manfred Wild follows in a tradition whose most famous protagonists were Carl Faberge and Rene Lalique. Choice stones, crafts perfection in all areas of work and intricate decorations transform these unique pieces not only into a feast for the eyes, but also make them extremely valuable. State of the art technology and mechanical functions are secreted away in many of the models. These masterpieces are exhibited internationally in museums throughout the world, for example in the German Gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein, in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, in the Harvard Museum in Boston, in the Iksan Jewelry Museum (Korea), but also in large private collections in Europe, the United States, the Near East and in Japan. Internationally renowned jewelers stock the coveted collectors' pieces. In addition to animals, flower arrangements, cameos and trophies, the Emil Becker collection contains an incredible variety of fantasy objects. Among other things, this year's Intergem will feature sparkling objects that can be used as a large pendant for a necklace or as a brooch. Due to the uniqueness of the stone, each piece stands as an extraordinary and individual piece.

Brooch 'Creolic' by Emil Becker. Dendrite agate, 18 karat gold, rock crystal

Rock crystal dish with foot in jasper and gold-plated silver by Helmut Wolf

Helmut Wolf while polishing a large agate dish

Master of gemstone bowls

"Helmut Wolf is a real sculptor," says Professor Karl Schollmayer, former manager of the Pforzheim University of Design, of the 67 year old artist from Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein. He learned the trade of gemstone cutting in his parents' company and at a historic stone grinder's on the Idar. At the age of 28, this gemstone specialist set up his own workshop when the company was in its third generation and began to focus on designing striking gemstone vessels. In doing so, he moved away from the old trends and began to create brave new solutions. His pieces are both matt and shiny, sometimes water-thin and frequently feature an unprocessed surface or raised minerals and as such are unique treasures. Helmut Wolf is always on the look-out for new forms of expression. His vessels are created with fascinating beauty and demonstrate a high level of sensitivity for the stone material. The route to producing the finished product is an arduous one. The slightest error in cutting causes the precious material to split into a thousand pieces. Months of work would be lost in this case. This gamble has certainly paid off when Wolf holds the finished bowl in his right hand, carefully flicking it with his left thumb nail to release a far-reaching light tone throughout the workshop. His vessels continue to win prizes and he has been awarded the German jewelry and gemstone prize on numerous occasions. Helmut Wolf is also in the Guinness Book of Records for having created the world's largest pair of rock crystal bowls. He created the pair in just 30 months from a 600 kilogram block of the crystal from Brazil. The bowls are almost 50 cm in diameter and weigh 5.3 kilograms each.

Fresh from Australia: opals from Outback Opals.

Paul Wild maintains a large, well-sorted warehouse of colored gemstones

Gemstones from first hand

With its own mines in South America and South Africa, along with direct contacts to other deposit sites, the Kirschweiler-based company Paul Wild ensures a constant repletion of high quality rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, amethysts, moon stones and citrines. The extensive range also includes other stones such as rubelite, beryl, peridot, citrine, tanzanite and much more. Paul Wild has been dedicated to colored gemstones since 1926. The extensive product portfolio of gemstones from first hand is one of the company's strengths. A further benefit for customers from all over the world is the extensive, well-sorted warehouse. "This means that even if very specific requests or special commissions come in, we can guarantee short delivery times," explains the owner, Hans-Werner Wild. But the family enterprise also places its trust in quality, speed and reliability for standard produce. The consulting skills of the firm Wild are also high in demand. Customer requests are dealt with individuality, irrespective of whether it is faceted stones, cabochons, engraved stones or fantasy cuts. The firm Paul Wild makes the confident claim of finding the optimum solution to any requirement. The skills with regard to colored gemstones, acquired over years, therefore benefit the customers.

ZeitZeichen - a platform for the fresh new talent

For the last two years, Intergem has been highlighting the works of ten young designers under the motto 'ZeitZeichen' (signs of the times). This exhibition forum, initiated by Progern Marketing GmbH based in Idar-Oberstein, serves to support young gemstone and jewelry designers in the difficult task of marketing their good ideas. The scheme is supported by the Ministry of the Economy, Traffic, Agriculture and Winegrowing in Rhineland-Palatinate, the district of Birkenfeld and the city of Idar-Oberstein.

The international gemstone fair in Idar-Oberstein offers participants high quality and modern display cases and top display opportunities in the trade fair halls with high visitor numbers. Inhorgenta Europe, which has traditionally been interested in promoting young jewelry designers, is also offering talented young designers an international stage in Munich this spring.

Wibke Haase: Funnel brooch. Amber, yellow gold, citrine

Andrea Sohne: Pendant. Layered agate, garnet, silver, whitened, amethyst, rhodolite, peridot

Karin Drochner: Scaled ring. Brilliants, 18 karat yellow gold

Gaby Wandscher: Pendant. Meissen porcelain, 18 karat yellow gold, diamond, cultured freshwater pearls

Kerstin Kavalirek: Rings 'Solitaire'. Fine silver, whitened, amethyst, rhodolite, peridot

Every year, young designers are selected from Rhineland-Palatinate. For many, this platform is their first professional opportunity to make contacts in the industry and meet buyers from all over the world. Many a career has been launched through such promotion of young talent. The scheme is supported by a top team of advisors and managed by the renowned gemstone designers Bernd Munsteiner, Professor Udo Ackermann and Dieter Lorenz.

Tanja Emmert: Rings 'Cinderella and Snow White'. Onyx, rock crystal, pure gold

Janine Eisenhauer: Necklace 'No. 14'. File folder, barrel polished aquamarine

Isabella Dhonau: 'Duo' ring series. Foam coral, Akoya pearl, 18 karat yellow gold and silver

Claudia Geese: Brooch 'Wedding'. Reconstructed onyx, reconstructed ivorite, orchids made from copper, varnished

Petra Moras-Thiel: Flower rings. Sterling silver, carnelian

10 years of the Edelform Group at Intergem

There is strength in numbers. That was what twelve jewelry designers thought of when they came together in 1998 for a cultural promotion in the medieval town of Herrstein near ldar-Oberstein. It quickly became clear that they could work better together. As a result, the team formed the Edelform group of artists so as to tackle trade shows and exhibitions together. Members of the group are still bound together by their shared passion today: a love of unusual stones, imaginative pieces of jewelry and the design of beautiful things in general. They first exhibited together in their founding year at Intergem and numerous other exhibitions followed. Over the years, the group has formed a hard core of eight exhibitors. This year, there is something special to celebrate: the group will be attending Intergem for the 10th time.

Bozica Becker: Ring 'Convex'. Tourmaline, sterling silver

Jurgen Muller: Pendant. Yellow gold, ruby/zoisite, tourmaline

Intergem 2006, Edelform joint stand

Diane Dille: Ring 'Schmuckzeichen' (Jewelry Sign). Silver, tourmaline

The general mottos of the Edelform group are: 'competition stimulates business' and 'strength in unity'. There is no envy toward the success of individual group members. Instead, the focus is on the recognition that they can present their works better, more cost-effectively and with greater versatility together. Today, Diane Dille and Esther Fuchs (qualified designers), Jurgen Muller (master gemstone cutter), Petra Schwinn (master engraver), Bozica Becker, Sibylle Delzeit, Natascha Fillmann and Sonja Gottlieb (all master goldsmiths) form the core of the group and this year, for the second time at Intergem, couple Astrid and Jo Pauly (master goldsmith and master engraver respectively) are also attending as guests.

All of the Edelform artists were trained in Idar-Oberstein and feel strong ties with the region. As such, there are plans to hold an exhibition in the medieval town of Herrstern in 2008 to celebrate the groups ten year anniversary and return to its roots.

Sybille Delzeit: Rings. Yellow gold, rutile quartz

Petra Schwinn: Pendant. Yellow gold, rutile quartz

Esther Fuchs: Pendant 'Cross'. Chrysoprase, silver

Sonja Gottlieb: Ring. Start quartz, yellow gold

by Axel Henselder

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