Not everyone who enjoys a cup of coffee in the afternoon pays attention to the little sachets of sugar on the  saucer. However, for the Bochum-based goldsmith Gudrun Meyer, the pieces of paper printed with inspired motifs are charming raw materials with which she can create enchanting and unique jewelry.

Gudrun Meyer

Whether drinking coffee or enjoying a fruity sweet, the often lovingly designed packaging is something the designer pays great attention to, irrespective of the content. From her apparently inexhaustible collection of papers of all kinds and from all nations, Gudrun Meyer creates humorous jewelry with an individual style. At the moment, the topic that has caught the designer’s special interest is coffee. For example, the cut to form image of a ‘wild coffee drinking woman’ is placed beneath a formed mountain crystal or smoky quartz and then set in a metal frame to form a pendant. Taken from their original context, the collected images and papers produce rings and necklaces with pendants similar to medallions that tell an entirely new tale. Depending on the topic of the picture motifs, the chains are produced with color coded stones and the rears of the medallions also bear stamps of blossom forms or cut coffee beans.