Goldsmith Kit Basic Tools

These are examples of the basic tools found in a standard Western Goldsmith’s toolbox:

  1. Pliers (at least two of each kind, box joint is best), flat, chain nose, round, ring forming, long beaked, wide beak, hand clamps, side cutters, snips, etc
  2. jewellers saw (3″ throat),
  3. Hand files (#2 cut 6″ or long double cut, one flat, one half round),
  4. A pocket knife,
  5. Needle files (square, round, half round, triangular at 20cm long are best),
  6. Flexible shaft and a selection of flexible shaft tools,
  7. Burrs and burr sets,
  8. Finishing tools like buffs, brushes, brass and nickel brushes,
  9. Emery mandrels (split mandrels) are very important, silicon points, felts, small flex shaft tools etc),
  10. Safety equipment-goggles, face shield, hearing protection,
  11. Basic bench hammer,
  12. A selection of sanding and finishing tools. I like silicon carbide separating disks for a lot of scoring and bending; these are very brittle, black, hard disks, available from dentist supplies, and jewelry supplies.
  13. Reamers of various sizes are extremely useful in construction,
  14. A selection of drill bits,
  15. Soldering tools, supplies and materials.
  16. Dividers: I recommend having three pairs of dividers: many professionals like to have five near their bench. This is because one often has to repeat measurements, so you set the different dividers to different lengths, lay them out on your bench and use them in sequence. A compass, drawing tools, circle, oval and other templates are nice
  17. A Vernier caliper is a must, and sometimes a micrometer can be useful as well.
  18. A stainless steel rule, and a darning needle for scribe lines and scribing things.
  19. A thin “Sharpie” marker can also be useful.
  20. A ten power loupe.
  21. A small clamping bench vise. A hand clamping vise. A pin vise.
  22. A magnet.
  23. A 90 degree small (2″ or less) try square.
  24. Flat, beveled, round engraving tools and a sharpening stone for them.

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