Getting closer to the end of 2008, we can state that the International Enamel Studio operating in Kecskemet has had a successfully year. A lot valuable works have been made in all of the three programs of ours:

  1. Experimenting with the fine and applied artistic possibilities of enamel
  2. The Year of the Bible;
  3. The Year of Renaissance – King Matthias.

To represent this we are publishing a reproduction from each of the four rewarded artists:

  1. Renaissance Portrait by Edit Morelli (Budapest, Hungary) see page 47;
  2. Corpus by Klara H. Barakonyi (Pecs, Hungary);
  3. Noah’s Ark by Tatyana Sipovich (Kislovodsk, Russia);
  4. The Thread of the Fate by Ludmila Baytsaeva (Vladikavkaz, Ossetia, Russia) see page 47.
image_1 (20)
Noah’s Ark by Tatyana Sipovich (Kislovodsk, Russia), enameled iron plate, 30×40 cm

The art director of our studio is the painter, Endre Turi, who has been experimenting with a new method of enameling on copper for two years. (Before that most of his works were sculptures in the round with cloisonné and enameled iron plates.)With the new technique new possibilities open up in the transparent enamel. Our Lady’s Rebirth 5, see page 39) show different colors in all periods of the day depending on changes of the light. We hope to be able to come back to Endre Turi’s art in detail in a later issue.

image_2 (20)
Corpus by Klara H. Barakonyi (Pecs, Hungary), copper, cloisonné, 21×23.5 cm

The other great artist of our studio is Pal Toth. He is a painter and teacher who specializes in the miniature enamel technique. He drew the famous Avar findings with scholarly precision as a graphic artist in the Kecskemet Museum but he has made illustrations for other museums too. Since 1984 he has been making carved etched cloisonne at the Workshops of Kecskemet and he has been teaching the painting of small-sized enamel works in our studio for a few years. Before he himself introduces the courses that he gave to the students specializing in painting at the university of P6cs, we call the readers’ attention to the teacher and enamellist, Zita Vincze’s works, see page 47. Saving it and developing it further Zita Vincze has been researching the traditions of goldsmith’s enamel art. She has used Thompson Enamels under the direction of the masters of our studio, Pal Toth and Endre Turi.

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We hope to have aroused the readers’ interest about our studio. For further information, please, contact us. Our program proposals for 2009:

Besides the permanent program of experimenting in enamel art, we can suggest only one proposal this time, however, it will be of broader volume and more substantial weight. Its motto, as a reference to the topic of the Bible last year, has been taken from the prayer “Our Father: On earth as it is in heaven.”

This word is even more actual, since the UNO has declared 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy. It’s a late, however, hopefully not belated recognition of the modern human being that if we do not adjust the rhythms of our everyday life to the more universal rhythms of the Universe, it will not be the Universe who will regret it. It does not matter how we consider the warning of the motto, should we interpret it in the physical, biological, social or religious moral existence it will be valid anyway.

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Can this truth get its own way within the frameworks of enameling? We think that the question is of importance. However, only masterpieces can give a true answer. We are looking forward to them!