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There are parallels in many areas: a carefree mix of style and cultural influences characterizes the overall trends in the design field of today. For jewelry, this trend points to a variety of possibilities of form, color, and material. Middle Eastern, Asian, and African influences, the hippie look, and retro themes come together in a world that has taken the principle of "anything goes" to heart.

Ruth Sellack Schmuckobjekte. Cross earring clips in silver and smoky quartz. "Trompete" Y-chain with pendant in silver and smoky quartz
Andrea Frahm. Necklace in silver and copper
Ulla + Martin Kaufmann. Necklace in 18 carat yellow and white gold. Bangle in 18 carat yellow and white gold
Ring by Ring, Sabine Ring-Kirschler. "Aphrodite" ring, tower, in cold enamel and silver. "Aphrodite" pendant, dice, in cold enamel and silver
Kobrink & Wagner GmbH. "Classic" necklace with cultured pearls, a sterling silver clasp and gold plating. "Nature" pendant in sterling silver with gold plating. "Nature" ring in sterling silver with 14 carat gold plating. "Nature" stud earrings in sterling silver with gold plating
Richard Duhn. Men's ring in 14 carat white gold with 0.20 ct diamond. Men's bangle in 18 carat yellow gold and platinum
Ute Strothotte. Bangle in sterling silver with gold plating. Rings in sterling silver with gold plating
K. Sander. Brooch in 18 carat tricolor gold, 18 carat pink gold, imperial topaz and diamond. Ring in 18 carat tricolor gold, 18 carat pink gold and imperial topaz

Along with a resurgent acceptance of opulence and sensuality in jewelry, yellow gold is experiencing a comeback. The structure of jewelry often reflects that of preferred modern materials such as lace, fabric, fringe, and felt.

Young people's and purists' first choice are platinum, silver, and stainless steel - the representatives of the color white.

Surfaces demonstrate lavish handling. Alongside matte and polished surfaces, oxidation, etching, and engraving add to the finishing touches that have lent jewelry a new dimension. The use of unusual materials such as wood, leather, shells, or diamonds that seem to float in sapphire glass makes for a fresh, attractive aesthetic.

"Chenille" necklace and bracelet, made of oiled paper on aluminum core. Connecting piece stainless steel, by Artikel Schmuck
Platinum rings with diamonds, by Isabelle Fa
Tahiti necklace, clasp 18 KWG, 2.48 ct diamonds Tw/vs., by South Sea Pearl Center
"Twenty Rings" platinum with aquamarine, yellow-green citrine, and amethyst, by Georg Spreng
"Color me" rings, sterling silver and zirconium, by Pierre Lang
Wedding rings made of stainless steel and 14 carat yellow gold, 1 baguette 0.12 ct, by Johann Kaiser Ringmanufaktur
Necklace made of 18 carat yellow gold with rose quartz, rhodochrosite, and cultured freshwater pearls, by Ulrike Weyrich
"Surface", the current collection of jewelry designed by Anne Mersmann. The exciting-flashy line of jewelry consists of necklaces and bracelets, which snuggle close to the body. Furthermore this collection is completed by rings and stickpins. The collection exists of 30 different patterns. Also individual motives can be printed

In terms of gemstones, the order of the day is no longer "either or," but rather "as well as". Diamonds in the most varied cuts complete with richly colored gems for the admiration of viewers. Even the shite of a diamond is no longer necessarily a flawless white. But the luxury of colored stones, especially black diamonds, is available only to a few. Earth tones are one new trend that also shows up in the less expensive alternatives, such as zirconium. In addition to classic favorites such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, stones in pastel tones represent modernity and beauty. Citrine, tourmaline, peridot, and aquamarine round out the feminine spectrum of colors. The lightness and wide variety of earth tones available from amber allow for modern, opulent pieces that are not too weighty.

Lightness is also a theme in the area of gold jewelry. Worth is no longer judges on the basis of weight alone.

Today's new, completely different design has given rise to a new passion for pearls. Fascinating necklaces, romantic combinations of cultured pearls, gold, and diamonds, and a galaxy made up of thousands of small pearls strung on fine steel wire and floating on one's arm all show the wide variety of possibilities for pearl jewelry freed from traditional expectations. kph

"Aeneas" ring, platinum with princess-cut diamond, by Nikos Jewels
Mink bracelets, central pieces made of white gold or platinum with Tahitan and South Sea pearls. Clip earrings, platinum with two cultured South Sea pearls, by Ruth Sellack Schmuckobjekte
Always in step with current fashion: the Thomas Sabo collection in sterling silver with stones in this season's colors
"Inspired by the Arabian Nights" handbag with Tahitan pearls, by Weinmann + Stapff
Collection in 18 carat yellow gold with amethyst and citrine, by Kalevala Jewelry. Design: Tony Granholm
Necklace, silver and 18 carat gold, by Tezer Silberdesign
Chain made of silver and felt, by Antje Obreiter
Pendant "Screen", gold, by Francoise and Claude Chavent
Platinum and gold. The diamond - creating the illusion of hovering in sapphire glass, by Atelier Bunz
The watch bracelet - gold, diamonds and rubber worked to swiss perfection, by Atelier Bunz
Rings, 14 carat yellow gold with amethyst and citrine, by Marc O'Polo
Twin rings, yellow gold with a stone, by Ursula Scholz. A playful connecting element brings the two classic ring parts together to form a harmonious new single unit.
Platinum jewelry with diamonds, by Cede
This opulent and yet whisper-light chain, "Papyr," is made by Schmuckmanufaktur Niessing in yellow gold or platinum
Naturally grown crystals with uniquely structured surfaces are a central point of departure for Gudrun Meyer's unique rings, necklaces, and earrings. High-mounted silver ring adorned with an agate crystal
Arm decoration, ivory, 21 carat gold, diamonds, by Eva Steinberg
Moss, garden cresses, and marigolds flourish on hand-made silver rings by Annette Kutz
"Reflective Stone" necklace with pebbles, silver, and steel wire, by Vitalis Kubach
"Maui" rings from the "Jewelry Laboratory 2" series, by Monika Seitter. 18 carat gold, citrine, topaz, and fluorescent plastic
"Super Galaxy" bracelet by Pars Pro Toto. A galaxy of over one thousand tiny pearls strung on thin steel wire
"Heart of the Meteor" necklace, made of silver, aquamarine, and garnet chain, by Sibylle Wild
The main thing is color: some colors which coordinate well and some clashing. Chain with glass, copper gold plated, by Dorothea Muszynski
Glass jewelry, by Andrea Borst

by GZ Art+Design

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