Creativity is the capability to develop original and unusual ideas and translate them into real products You need a combination of creativity, technical knowledge and an understanding how watches tick to be able to design watches. In other words, designing watches is an occupation full of changes. That’s why there’s an abundance of different directions especially in many current models. Be it angular, round or oval, with a white or red face, whether it’s made of stainless steel, gold or platinum and if the display is digital or analog, the sky’s the limit for new ideas. And design has become much more important in the last few years. There isn’t any uniform direction in watch design as there was in the past. Today’s watch design offers you almost everything. And that’s what watch lovers like about watches since they can select from an almost inexhaustible range of products. And that’s exactly what’s fun about it.

watch design
Rado v10k: To be seen for the first time in spring 2002, the sensational Rado ‘v10k’, a watch as hard and unalterable as genuine diamond with a very strong design
Harry Winston Excenter: This model owes its originality to the quest for a completely new way of portraying the time
Calvin Klein Discretion Translucent: This “bracelet-watch” in plexiglass affords a view of a rectangular case in polished steel with a dial devoid of hour markers
Candino Y-Design: The polished steel watch case of the Y-Design is available in bicolor or PVD-coated, all in yellow; also available round, with or without zirconia stones
Ventura Sparck px: The architecture of the watch convinces with clarity and consistency
Duparc Runabout: A fitting tribute to the elegant and refined world of boating. The case, which draws its inspiration from the motorboats of the Sixties
Cyclos 24-Hour Dual-Phase: The new 24-hour Cyclos watch with a planetary movement is a classical and surprising model that has separate “a.m./p.m.” and “day and night” zone
Breil Wish Dual Time: The Milanese brand is presenting a new watch with a second time zone which marks a departure from the beaten track
Dunhillion Citydiver: the ultimate oversized facet watch, the Dunhillion, is now joined by the Dunhillion Citydiver which features a functional driving counter
Philippe Starck with Fossil: The “Philippe STARCK with Fossil” line will launch with a 12-piece collection consisting of six stainless steel bracelets and six watches with rubber straps
Alfex Smartline: The Smartline is like a design object that tells the time. It is fitted with a mini quartz movement
Leonard Screen and Screen Dame: This timepiece features a steel rectangular case and unique attachments. Domed sapphire crystal, brown dial, also available in black in fuschia by the Screen Dame
Boss Swing: A strong design and a new way to show what is possible in watches for women
Movado Elliptica: A first for the 21st century. Original ergonomic design with sensuously curved and avant garde yet classic