Although the entry period was the busy Christmas season, The 21st International Cloisonne Jewelry Contest received about 100 entries from 13 nations, such as from the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, and about 100 works from Japan.

The much-appreciated worldwide response enabled us to hold the contest on a grand scale.

The juried exhibit ‘*’as held at The Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo from March 4 to March 10, 2008, displaying award-winning and selected works of the international context. Many aficionados of enamel jewelry visited the exhibition to enjoy the variety and quality presented.

Golden Glow. Basse taille enamel on copper, four-wire gold filled bezel. gold-filled three-wire bezel, beads. with wired 'loops' for supporting additional elements.
Golden Glow. Basse taille enamel on copper, four-wire gold filled bezel. gold-filled three-wire bezel, beads. with wired ‘loops’ for supporting additional elements.

“E-MOTION,” the Grand Prix Award winner, is an exciting, very romantic work. When worn, the small grains of silver in the main part will move and shake, so that the owner can fully enjoy the pleasure of wearing a work that very much expresses humor and sensitivity.

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“Playing with Flowers,” the Award for Excellence winner, a serious, interesting creation, is expressing Japanese tradition from a new viewpoint. Upon wearing it, to attend a party, a dream is given.

Similarly, “Nature’s Ways,” the other Award for Excellence winner, is a very exciting work where nine inserts can be exchanged in the silver holder to create nine different effects. The idea that nine varied tastes can be enjoyed is a very good idea.

“My Garden,” The Mainichi Newspaper Award winner was created by the artist to allow the owner to wear a simple dress and create a stunning impact with “My Garden” as the focal point.

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Space does not allow me to introduce all award-winning works here so here are the top 5.

Award-winnings Works
21st lnternational Cloisonne Jewelry Contest

E-MOTION by Yolanda Sucre (Venezuela), Grand Prix Award winner
Nature’s Way by Ana Mercedes Carvallo (Venezuela), Award for Excellence winner
Playing with Flowers by Miwako Nishihara (Japan), Award for Excellence winner
My Garden by Nisako Obata (Japan),  Mainichi Newspaper Award winner
No. 2 by Andreu Vilasis (Spain),  Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum Award Winner

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The 21st lnternational Cloisonne Jewelry Contest
Award Winners

The Grand Prix Award
E-MOTION – Yolanda Sucre (Venezuela)
Award for Excellence
Natures Ways – Ana Mercedes Carvallo (Venezuela)
Playing with Flowers – Miwako Nishihara (Japan)
The Mainichi Newspaper Award
My Garden – Misako Obata (Japan)
Alvera – lsabel Feliu Ferrer (Spain)
Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum Award
“No. 2” – Andreu Vilasis (Spain)
White’s Poem – Kayo Oonishi (Japan)
Silver Clay Award
Forests & Lakes in Northern Europe – Hiroko Muto (Japan)
Play Music -Yuriko Yamada (Japan)
Return to the Nature – Shigeo Sugasawa (Japan)
New Materials lntegration Award
Modernity & Nostalgia – Misako Uchida (Japan)
Purples in My Garden – Eiko Hayasaka (Japan)
Jellyfish – Yoko Furukawa (Japan)
Sleepy – lsako Takehama (Japan)
My Best Clothes – Kei Orimo (Japan)
Award for Encouragement
Key to the Nature – Chisato Uchida (Junior, Japan)
Delicious y’ -Luna Sato (Junior, Japan)
Graceful- Hiroko Oonuma (Japan)
Tears from the Sea – Yumiko Kurihara (Japan)
Arbor- Kazuyuki Kaneko (Japan)
Clear Stream -Aiko Hirota (Japan)
Autumn Colors – Etsuko Yoshibayashi
Diamonds in Winter -Setsuko Suzuki (Japan)
Dancing Running Water – Mitsuru Shimura (Japan)
Life and Death – Miguel Caamano (Spain)
On the Wings of Buftertlies – Rudolf Pengler (USA)
llCuore del Sole -Anna Bini Rizzo (Italy)
Sweet Ocean – Soo-Kyoung Cho (Korea)
Blue Rain / – Kyoung-Dong Back (Korea)
Black Hole – Jung Hee Joong (Korea)
Contro-Ve rso – F abrizio Tridenti (Italy)