2009 Barcelona School Enamel Exhibition

Nuria L. Ribalta and her students from Barcelona School had an exhibition of their enamel works in France from the middle of October to November 17. The 2009 Barcelona School Enamel Exhibition’s theme was animals and insects with the title: Bestiolarium or Bestiare in French

2009 Barcelona School Enamel Exhibition
Spiders of Vera IBANEZ, 15×24 cm approx

The exhibition was first shown in Barcelona, Spain at La Bobila. After seeing this exhibition with great interest, the organizers of the 7th International Rencontres de I’Email in Morez, France, 2009, asked if the exhibition could be shown there. As a result, the exhibition was placed in a new building called “l’Atelier des Savoir Faire” in the small village Ravilloles in the Jura Provence of France near Morez and St. Claude. The exhibition was very well received.

2009 Barcelona School Enamel Exhibition
Standing Fish, 48×27 cm, Caterpillar, 50 cm approx.
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