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Slotted Four-Prong Claw Setting Ring from Sheet Metal


This is a great project if you are interested in learning commercial jewellery making skills. You will be shown some handy tricks and tips that will help you with future commissions or projects. You will also learn how to set the stone.

This lesson includes three videos:

  • Part 1 – Four claw ring (Part one) – 44 min 4 sec
  • Part 2 – Four claw ring (Part two) – 30 min 53 sec
  • Part 3 – Claw tip shaper – 15 min 49 sec


  • 7mm round faceted stone
  • Sterling silver 4.5mm x 4.5mm x 30mm square wire or 8 grams – 10 grams to make an ingot. Roll to 3.5mm square.
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