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Solitaire Rings Video Series

Traditional Solitaire Ring with 6-Prong Coronet Setting

This comprehensive course is full of tips and information that will help you to create this classic solitaire ring with a traditional six claw coronet setting and traditionally dressed shoulders. The design is old school but the skills are…

Slotted Four-Prong Claw Setting Ring from Sheet Metal

This is a great project if you are interested in learning commercial jewellery making skills. You will be shown some handy tricks and tips that will help you with future commissions or projects. You will also learn how to set the stone. This lesson…

How to Make a 4-Prong Claw Setting Solitaire Ring

This course has lots of tricks of the trade to help simplify jewelry making. To make a four claw setting there is a few options, this method is easy to follow and is adaptable for various size stones. The shank is made from one component, and included…

How to make a 4-Prong Castle Solitaire Ring

In this course you will learn how to create a very effective four claw ring with minimal materials. This project demonstrates that making fine jewelry is not as hard as it first appears. This lesson includes two videos: Part 1 – Four Claw…

Rose Bezel Ring

This course demonstrates how to make a double bezel setting to look like a rose flower design. You will be shown some alternative manufacture methods that do not involve expensive machines and equipment. This lesson includes three videos:…

How to Make a Square 4-Prong Claw Setting Solitaire Ring

This course covers some essential manufacture methods for making square prong settings and in this case you will learn how to make a square setting without a bezel block. There are some handy tips and demonstrations to help you create this ring.…