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Gerry Lewy Video E – Princess Setting Round Claws – V Shaped Claws – Wedding band

Length 1 hour 10 minutes 43 seconds

Gerry Lewy draws on his over 40 years of diamond setting experience to show you how to set a diamond in a princess setting with round prongs and v-shaped claws as well as a 5-stone wedding band to compliment a princess ring. Filmed in full HD 1080p.


With over 40 years experience as a stone setter, Gerry Lewy is known throughout the diamond setting community. Gerry started his 9-year apprenticeship with a jewelry manufacturer and tutored by a gentleman ‘setter’, in Haddon Gardens, London. Gerry has redeveloped himself into more than a master setter, his purpose is now to be a teacher of the art as well.


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