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How to Make a Hinged Locket


Hinged lockets are made to hold something sentimental such as a photograph. This three video course will take you through the steps and includes an information handout. The project covers advanced fabrication skills and traditional goldsmithing techniques making it a challenge but worth the effort.

This lesson includes four videos:

  • Part 1 – Hinged locket – 59 min 2 sec
  • Part 2 – Hinged locket twist border – 5 min 25 sec
  • Part 3 – Making chenier – 12 min 23 sec
  • Part 4 – Hammer tool tips – 35 min 18 sec
  • Plus three PDF instructional downloads

Materials Sterling silver:

  • 0.7mm x 30mm x 20mm (for front & back plates)
  • 0.5mm x 7mm x 65mm (to make chenier)
  • 1mm x 5mm x 80mm (to make the frame & flange)
  • 1mm x 1mm x 60mm square wire (for twist wire decoration)

Purchase also includes these instructional PDF downloads:

  • HingedLocket.pdf
  • Lockettconstruction.pdf
  • Makingchenier.pdf

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