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Advanced Pendants Video Series

How to Make a Heart-Shaped 3-Prong Claw Setting Pendant

Heart shaped settings are the most difficult shaped settings to master. This lesson will guide you through the process and show you the easiest way to master the technique. The lesson includes some great tips & tricks as well as how to make…

How to Make a Hinged Locket

Hinged lockets are made to hold something sentimental such as a photograph. This three video course will take you through the steps and includes an information handout. The project covers advanced fabrication skills and traditional goldsmithing…

How to Make a Pear-Shaped Setting and Pearl Enhancer Finding

This lesson demonstrates how to make a pear shaped two tiered setting. You will also be shown how to make a handy setting (marking) template. The shame shaping method can be adapted for other stone shapes. You will also learn how to make a pearl…

5-Stone Vertical Bar Necklace Pendant

This lesson will show you a really simple way to make a row of claw settings. The lesson includes instructions on how to hold settings without damaging them as well as how to set the pendant. There are also information handouts and two additional…

How to Make a Thick Bezel Set Pendant

This type of setting may look difficult, but once you are shown how to set a stone from inside the setting, it’s really easy. This lesson is perfect if you want to showcase a cabochon stone. Materials: Sterling silver sheet 1.2mm x 5mm x…