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This is a video of a work in progress on it’s way towards being enameled!

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Lost Wax Casting Part 3 of 9 Steam Dewaxing

This video was originally created to explain the casting process we use at Feathered Gems to the client whose charms we make in the recording.

#3- Watch-case on shellac

In this 3rd video, we will use an Onglet #1 graver to do the 'outline' or rough-cutting around the silver item. I demonstrate how the line-cutting should take place in refere...

Process: Fused Dichroic Glass Rings by zulasurfing

zulasurfing is comprised of husband and wife duo, Gil and Irena, based in New York. Gil is originally from Israel and Irena was born in Russia. They fashion a variety of brill...