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Sandblasting lets jewelry makers create matte finishes on metal pieces. Learn how to apply this technique to a variety of popular jewelry metals.

Tips & Techniques for Popular Finishing Touches

We asked a number of top jewelers to tell us their best practices, techniques, and tips for creating satin, brushed, and hammered finishes as well as patinas on jewelry. Take notes – you’ll want to test these popular finishing touches…

Platinum Finishing 2 – Procedures and Supplies

In the last issue I wrote about safety issues concerning polishing platinum. In this issue we will continue the discussion with notes on Platinum Polishing Procedures and Supplies. The entire process of finishing any material is about first…

Fine Matte on Metal Surfaces

A micro-waterjet device can be used to achieve fine matt finishes on precious metal surfaces. Parts required for this are: jet or wet lap hammer, slow-running compressor, vacuum apparatus, and pressure sprayer.