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Depletion Gilding

Depletion gilding is an ancient gold surface treatment, now superseded by electroplating. Add this technique to your repertoire for antique repairs.

The Art of Doublée Making

Historically, a wide range of techniques has been used to clad or coat silver or base metals with gold. These processes are based on efforts to balance three factors: cost, physical properties and appearance. Rolled gold or gold-filled stock…

Small Scale Double Making Procedures

Double is a German word of french origin meaning rolled gold or gold fill material. I use it for the gold-fill material described here to differentiate it from the commercially produced sheet. Hand made double has different qualities than…

Depletion Gilding Notes

This is an academic paper, not a technical ‘how to’ guide. Many of the procedures described are unsafe in practice.

The Ancient Art of Fire Gilding

In the twentieth century there can be little doubt that electroplating is the best way to develop a gold coating on a metal object. It provides successful results in many colors and can be adapted to one-of-a-kind or mass production. Knowing…