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Limoges Enamel

Learn Limoges enamel techniques from an expert in this art form. Walk through the creation of beautiful, detailed enamel paintings on copper jewelry.

Kenneth Bates: Dean of American Enameling

When I asked him who Kenneth Bates is, he laughed and replied “a simple dirt farmer from New England.” However, underneath his country boy smile, he’s a driving creative force. As a child, he had his own special spots in the…

The Enamelware of Bev Yokley

The sun rises over the tree line and spreads its light across the fields. The horse, donkey, and pot-bellied pig are ready for breakfast. So is the cat. However, “Dusty”, the Border Collie, will not eat until she is certain all is…

Enamels in Medieval Galleries

The innovative Medieval Galleries, occupying a complete wing of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, have now been open for several months. There was extensive initial press coverage and a great surge of visitors: but with such spacious…

Grisaille and Limoges Techniques

My enamel jewelry includes earrings, pins, pendants, lockets and rings done in Grisaille and Limoges techniques. Within most of the pieces are miniature paintings with images of womens faces and animals. My enamel pieces, using copper,…