Vincent Ferrini


Articles and Videos by Vincent Ferrini:

The Contemporary American Custom Goldsmithing

About five years ago, Robert Fairbank, John Reynolds and I created a “living entity” called Goldsmiths 3 in Concord, Massachusetts. Our name simply reflects what we are: three goldsmiths, custom-designing and handcrafting all sons of objects in precious metals—primarily gold…

The Concept of Preciousness

The very word PRECIOUS, the concept of PRECIOUSNESS is anathema to most contemporary artists, especially painters and sculptors, and perhaps rightfully so, given the stance of contemporary aesthetics. Yet it continues to intrigue the goldsmith, jeweler. Precious can refer to…

Curtis LaFollette Exhibition

From the very cover of the announcement brochure, one sensed the struggles and conflicts represented in the work in this often-puzzling show. Even though I consider Curtis LaFollette a good friend, I do not completely subscribe to the more obscure conceptual…