When you were a child, did you also have a secret trove in which you collected your favorite things? Stones you had gathered, little pictures or candy? Petra Ohnmacht designs caskets and packaging for precious treasures, offering jewelry an adequate abode.

Where Jewelry Resides
Excellent design: The “Clerk” series of boxes made of waxed, layered wood
Safe and sound: Jewelry finds safe housing in the felt boxes
Light draping: The packaging “T-Bag” provides clues of what the jewelry may be like, but does not reveal everything all at once

Cases, presentation systems and flexible packaging – packing and unpacking should be fun and somehow resemble the discovery of a sweet secret. Petra Ohnmacht, qualified designer and goldsmith, has been designing boxes and packaging tailor made solutions to suit customer wishes for seven years now, and her fantasy appears to be sheer boundless. Whether she draws on precious wood from the pear trees or solid beech, a combination of paper and velvet or a warming coat of felt, her boxes play host to the most precious items; irrespective of whether they are enroute or in a shop window, they are protected and safe. Clear design such as the presentation system “Clerk”, which won the “Design Plus” prize from the Frankfurt Trade Fair “Ambiente” in 1999, or playful ideas like the jewelry wrapping “Teabag” or “Piggeldi”, transform the imaginative and creative jewelry housing itself into favorite items.

“Piggeldi” and “Frederik” are two exceptional jewelry caskets made of solid beech, etched or oiled
“Velvet”: A simple paper bag on the outside, on the inside velvety protection for precious treasures