Luxury is in no way defined by sparkling items of jewelry, overburdened with jewels or in pompous designs. Real luxury means reduction – concentrating on what’s important. One such example is the TeNo de luxx collection. This collection combines new and timeless simple designs in stainless steel with a hint of glamour in the form of sparkling diamonds. The TeNo de luxx collection contains necklaces, ear studs and rings suitable for all celebratory occasions to make any woman sparkle. The de luxx jewelry range from TeNo expresses what many find so difficult to say. Diamonds speak more than a 1000 words. They show a woman what she really means to her beloved.

TeNo de luxx

Symmetry evoked by geometric shapes is the typical trademark of TeNo and continues to feature throughout the entire TeNo de luxx jewelry range. Pavée style diamond settings cause the precious stones to sparkle in a completely different way. Shimmering diamonds gather around the ceramic matt black surface on satin-finished stainless steel as if drawn by a magnet. The contrast of the black squares against the light-reflecting diamonds gives the TeNo de luxx pieces a unique power of expression which makes them a real object of desire.

The high quality craftsmanship of the pieces as well as their design are indicative of their quality. The delicate satin-finished stainless steel leaves room for various different materials such as diamonds and ceramics, which merge together to form a geometric interplay of forms. The pendant is secured to the simple rubber chain using integrated steel cable which promises stability with its TeNo Safe Rubber technology.

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