Jewelry making is a big job. That is that there is a lot to know and a lot to learn. When learning, particularly on your own, as many people do, it can be very useful to structure your learning experience.

I tell students that it takes three times of doing the same object to begin to understand it, five times to start to be competent and 30 times, yes that’s right, thirty times to be good at it. That goes for making a hinge, a catch, a ring sizing, a stone setting and so on.

The sheet below is intended as an example only of the kinds of things you will want to track as you learn any particular jewelry making skill, make any particular type of object. You will note that it says ‘Project number, book and pages’. The idea is that you would choose a good step-by-step project, such as those found in Alan Revere’s Professional Goldsmithing or the GZ Practical Goldsmith book series and use them for your self training. Note the five times hint below……

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Good luck, think hard, analyze what you are doing and critique yourself. Ask other to comment on your objects as well. It is all about getting better, and smarter and becoming a good goldsmith.

Here you go: