This paper describes a simple process of forming jump rings.

These jump rings were formed from 16 guage sterling silver wire. The links will be 1/2 inches in diameter.
The links will be used to create a pottery shard link concho belt.
A groove is cut into the end of a ½ inch round wood dowel. The groove will be used to hold the wire at the beginning of the wire wrapping process.
The end of the wire is bent at a 90-degree angle and placed in the groove of the dowel as shown.
The wire is wrapped around the dowel. Wrap the wire around the dowel until there will be enough links for the project.
The wrapped loops are slid off the dowel and placed on its opposite end. Saw cut a groove through the center of the dowel as shown. The wire links are moved against the saw blade as they are cut off.
The links will fall onto the saw blade as they are cut free from the main body of links.
This is what the links will look like.
Loops are soldered on opposite sides of the pottery shard. The link is then passed through the loop on two shards. The link is then closed and soldered.