Gold beaten wafer-thin and pressed to form intricate hollow forms pays testimony to the high crafts skills in handling this precious material in antiquity. In their simplicity especially, spherical forms were and are a challenge for goldsmiths. They were threaded on simple strings to form a chain or grouped and soldered like grapes, for example, to form earrings, which often pointed to a Bacchean motif. Searching for the perfect roundness.

perfect roundness

Pair of earrings. Persia, Achemenidian, 550 – 331 BC. Gold. Be on show at the Pforzheim Jewelry Museum

Sophie Hanagarth. Two brooches “medallies merdeuses”, 2000. Recycling tin can

Sophie Hanagarth calls her capsule-like, suspended medals “Medallies merdeuses”. The jewelry is placed in a direct relationship between the human body and its metabolism in a sensual and provocative manner.