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Roland DG Corporation is making high-tech available to jewellery designers and goldsmiths with its JWX-30. They too now have access to this technology which only the larger companies could afford in the past. The device creates accurate wax master models in just four simple steps, without placing any restrictions on creativity.

Final products produced with the JWX-30

Roland JWX-30 and JewelStudio design software

Included Square Clamp of Roland JWX-30

Initially, a hand-drawing can be used and scanned in. Or the piece can be designed on the computer directly. A digital model of the item of jewellery can be produced using the JewelStudio software which is specially adapted to the device and various forms and cuts also makes the work a lot easier. The automatic pavé function makes it quick and easy to plan and decide upon the optimal placing of a given number of diamonds on the surface of the piece. The goldsmith can also print out or show customers this virtual piece on the screen and then make any necessary modifications. The 3-D model can be rotated, showing the piece from all angles on the screen.

The goldsmith is then able to carry on with other work while the device automatically cuts the three-dimensional wax master model from the block. The model can be used to produce a one-off piece or for series production. Rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks can be produced faster than ever before. The device also increases the efficiency of the designer, for example, in designing a right earring to go with the left. "With Roland machines I can combine modern technology with skilled craftsmanship to create designs nobody has made before. Being able to bring rapid prototyping into your jewellery business gives you a lot of new ideas and the possibility of finishing the product a lot faster," explains Kristian Saarikorpi, a designer from Finland. Giuseppe Massoni, an Italian jewellery designer and manufacturer adds: " It's like this: I'm designing more and I'm producing more. And I'm doing it faster and with less effort." "It's also fast, reliable and cheap to run," says Dutch goldsmith Ger de Bruijn of the advantages of the device.

by Axel Henselder

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Axel Henselder

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