50 years of tradition and a modern interpretation of classic jewelry are not necessarily contradictions. The collection from the Rivoir Manufactory from Pforzheim shows how this apparent contradiction can be cancelled out perfectly and in a top quality manner.

Rings made of 18 karat yellow gold with rubellite, blue topaz and citrine

The precious diamond jewelry featuring gold, platinum and selected gemstones are particularly convincing elements of the collection. In view of the fact that larger diamonds in particular possess an incomparable fire and extraordinary brilliance, Rivoir places the individual stone as solitaire jewelry in the focal point of attention. This creates new forms that direct the eye to the most important element of the jewelry: the gemstone.

Rings made of white gold with diamonds in a brilliant cut and princess cut

Stephan Rivoir (30) took over the company in the second generation. He is leaving his own mark on the company with new ideas interwoven with tried and tested principles. In addition to the classic diamond program, Lüth-Bijoux were integrated as a renowned colored gemstone collection to complement the Rivoir range in a sensible manner. Furthermore, Rivoir SA was founded last year in Thun (Switzerland), by doing this, the company has responded to the greater international focus in Europe. The high quality of the products, a multifaceted collection, the production of unusual unique pieces and corporate structures that are targeted at cost-efficient production are characteristic features of the House of Rivoir. However, reliability, honesty and comprehensive service guarantee the future of this traditional company.

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Brooch made of 18 karat yellow gold with brilliants, beryl and rubellite drops