These days, great diamonds are placed on display materials and packaging. They must be inexpensive, part of an integrated communication system, easy to handle, attractive, and of course be a good creative fit with the design.

Promotional Items
“Flowers” decorative series by Kling

Many promotional items and packages have replaced the paper bags and small boxes that date back to the mid-nineteenth century. They are a striking product of civilization, a direct reflection of our society, culture, and history. At the same time, however, they represent the philosophy of the watches or jewelry for which they were made. It is becoming increasingly clear that the package highlights the image of its contents and has a high value as a supplementary marketing strategy. That was also evident during the design contest held last year by the Pforzheim College of Design and Technology in cooperation with Dahlinger company. Remarkably fresh ideas came into play in terms of design, function, and feasibility under production conditions. kph

Presenter in fresh colors by Kling
Pneu-Boy – the “air-bag” for your jewelry by Martin Wittwer
Square: Jewelry packaging made from wool felt by Petra Ohnmacht
Fashionable hand-made paper packaging by Pica-Zöckler
Creative proposal by Patrick Malutki (first prize, design contest, Pforzheim College of Design)
Successful round ideas by Lena Hülsmeier (third prize, design contest, Pforzheim College of Design)
Luxury in a convincing framework by San Marié de la Roy (thrid prize, design contest, Pforzheim College of Design)
Something hearty made of polypropylene with ring slots by Kling
Rhythm for the “Dancers” display window decorative series by Kling