Full eBook: Practical Jewelry Rendering

This ebook Practical Jewelry Rendering is the Complete Edition written by Tim McCreight.

This practical tool-in-a-book combines instruction on rendering techniques with unique guides that assist designers as they conceive jewelry and other works for the body. An envelop on the inside back cover contains a useful plastic template of circles, squares and other shapes as well as a ruler.

This unusual book is offers not only instruction, but dozens of illustrations of the human figure that can be used as armatures upon which to design jewelry. By placing a sketch paper over one of these figures, a designer is able to see how a shape relates to the ear, shoulder or neck. The effect is dramatic, and leads to instant improvement in designing wearable jewelry.

practical-jewelry-rendering Rendering: Tim McCreight
Figure Drawings: Al Lagunero

This book contains:

  • Instructions
  • Structure guides for design
  • Plastic template of gem shapes

Excerpt from the book Acknowledgements:

“In an effort to make the how-to section of this book visually interesting, I have selected work from museum collections to illustrate various techniques. In a few cases small liverties were taken to allow the piece to best convey specific information.”

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By Tim McCreight - © 1994
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