These four easy steps will describe how to make a perfectly fit bezel when soldering or fusing bezel. It’s so easy and will help you more than you know. Try it now!

Joints that fit well make soldering a snap. The next time you need to solder or fuse a bezel, try using a separating disc, which has even abrasive sides, to slice through the bezel stock first. This quick procedure minimizes gaps and ensures a perfect connection.

There are several types of abrasive wheels available for jewelers.

For this application, use an aluminum oxide double-sided abrasive disc in 7/8 inch length, cut 0.023.

  • To begin, shape the formed bezel around the stone.
  • Mount the separating disc onto a 3/32 mandrel in your rotary handpiece.
  • Holding the two ends of the bezel together, slice the separating disc through the opening, creating a clean and precise cut. (Be sure to wear safety equipment when performing this task.)
  • The key is maintaining tension between the two sides of the bezel stock.

Whether you are making an oval, square, or irregularly shaped bezel, you can use this trick to get a perfect fit.

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