Every month MJSA choose new products that they feature on their monthly publication. Here are the three MJSA July 2017 New Products.

Tune Up Kits
Designed for use with the Foredom flex shaft, these 32-piece Tune-Up Kits allow users to install new parts and perform routine maintenance to keep motors and handpieces running at peak performance. Included in each of the four available kits are a key tip shaft, shaft grease, screwdriver, sheath, motor brushes and brush caps, hanging bale, motor connector, and three types of screws for holding parts in place. Kit MSP10 is for Series TX and LX motors, Kit MSP12 is for Series SR motors(models produced since 2005), Kit MSP14 is for old and discontinued Series CC motors, and Kit MSP16 is for old and discontinued Series S and SR motors (1/8 hp models produced before 2005).

Contact: Foredom Electric Co., MJSA Member
16 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT 06801
1-800-272-2885 or 1-203-792-8622
Fax: 203-796-7861
Email: customerservice@blackstoneind.com
Website: foredom.net.

Electroforming & Etching Master Kit
The E3 Duo master kit by Sherri Haab includes all the basic supplies needed for electroforming or electrically etching copper. Featured in the kit is a controller that contains a built-in microprocessor configured with two programs—one specifically for electroforming and the other for electrical etching. The controller comes with two leads and non-contaminating stainless steel alligator clips, and is adjustable from 40 milliamps to 2 amps for electroforming, and from 0.5 watt to 6 watts for etching. The kit also includes copper electroforming solution, brightener solution, graphite conductive paint, water-based varnish, paintbrushes, copper conductive wire, wood handling sticks, rubber gloves, a plastic beaker, copper coil anode, funnel, and a coffee filter for electroforming, as well as a stainless steel pan, copper sulfate, copper sheet, aluminum electrodes, spacers, and sandpaper for etching.

Contact: Rio Grande, MJSA Member
7500 Bluewater Road NW, Albuquerque, NM87121
Fax: 800-965-2329
E-mail: info@riogrande.com
Website: riogrande.com

Matrix 9.0
The latest version of Matrix 3-D CAD software offers a number of new features designed to make jewelers more creative and productive. Among the latest additions are Smart Pattern, a tool that uses simple flat patterns to create complex 3-Ddesigns; Clayoo 2.5, an organix modeling suite that allows users to design in a method similar to carving and shaping wax; and an updated Texture Builder that lets users use a grayscale image to control and apply creative surfaces and finishes to their designs. Also included with the software is manufacturing integration with Stuller, which allows users to submit their CAD designs directly to Stuller for printing and casting.

Contact: Gemvision Corp., MJSA Member
P.O. Box 81889, Lafayette, LA 70598
Fax: 884-8181
E-mail: info@gemvision.com
Website: gemvision.com

Editor’s Note: The information in this section has been supplied by each product’s manufacturer or distributor. MJSA Journal recommends contacting the manufacturers or distributors directly to verify or obtain additional details.